Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas: Private Jet Bitcoin Interview w/ Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert

laatste update: 05-2022

Join Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on a special trip to El Salvador aboard Ricardo Salinas’ private jet. On this episode of Hard Money: KEISER, Max and Stacy speak with the Mexican telecom mogul about all things Bitcoin. Find out why Ricardo considers himself a “billionaire pleb,” why Stacy gave him the nickname “Uncle Ricky,” and whether Ricardo agrees that Max has the best legs in Bitcoin. They also discuss their thoughts on President Nayib Bukele, Michael Saylor, Saifedean Ammous, the Fiat Fraud, Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin as legal tender, and speculative attacks on the US Dollar. Enjoy the premiere episode of Hard Money: KEISER!

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0:00 – Heading to El Salvador with Ricardo Salinas!
2:24 – How did Ricardo get into Bitcoin?
4:32 – Escaping the “Fiat Fraud” in El Salvador.
9:52 – Failure of Gold and debasement of fiat.
13:51 – How Bitcoin changes the political incentive structure.
19:52 – Does Bitcoin allow you to be more yourself?
25:20 – The States ability to control fiat.
32:12 – Does hard money lead to prosperity?
38:10 – How has Bitcoin changed you?
39:18 – Explaining the “Fiat Fraud”.
41:35 – Michael Saylor purchasing Bitcoin.
49:07 – Bitcoin’s path to becoming world reserve asset/currency.
52:42 – Bukele, El Salvador adopting Bitcoin taking power from government regulation.
56:34 – “Bitcoin Standard”, “Book Of Max” &!
1:02:54 – Bitcoin price, portfolio allocation, mining stocks.
1:10:02 – Arriving in El Salvador!
1:12:32 – Chopper to the volcano & meeting President Bukele.

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  1. USA no es Capitalista, es Creditista, solo vive del credito y no del capital, por lo que ya es un gobierno Socialista. The USA is not Capitalist, it is Creditist, it only lives on credit and not on capital, so it is already a Socialist government.

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  4. Curioso que un empresario dueño de un banco y tiendas departamentales(con alta tasa de interés) esté interesado en Bitcoin. En mi mente se contradicen. Pero en general buena entrevista.

    Hugo necesita aplicarse esta muy verde

  5. Ricardo Salinas is a big time scam that has always taken advantage of the poor people in Mexico 🇲🇽 and has never paid any taxes to the government,we don’t want him ,he should move out of Mexico for the well-being of our country and go somewhere else where there’s corruption allowed this is a new era, corruption is no longer allowed here, enough is enough GTFO 😡

  6. Thanks to the internet, we have access to these kinds of people and minds. No excuses all, get your Bitcoin

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  8. This man is one of the infamous “Seven Families” in Mexico. Corrupt, beneficiaries of the cartels, and largely the source of dysfunction in Mexico, this man should be reviled.

  9. This guy doesn't care about what Bitcoin really means in terms of freedom, he's just another investor, why do we pretend we agree with this kind of people only because we both own Bitcoin?

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