30 gedachten over “MAX & STACY REPORT [EP18] – Models Destroyed, Cycles Churned, Regimes Changed”

  1. Surfer Stacy needs her own segment, with Bitcoin Five O music in the background.

  2. Bitcoin is a CONSENSUS MECHANISM…Everybody has to adapt to bitcoin… that's the way the world works now!…Under consensus we work…From TV series star to Bitcoin Guru! Who would have thought things turned out like that!

  3. 9:57 Why settle for life in a frying pan? Jump in the fire!

  4. The long slow HodL in the climate of Duopoly oligarchy, normalized elder abuse, state sponsored proxy wars, waking up on a beach in El salvador may be the best awakening one can have. Priceless max rants against the fiat! I love that 😆😆😆Thanks for this video satoshi, i mean Max. I love your pink Bukkele2024 hat stacy! How can i get one? 👍☮️💜🌸😃aloha!
    Algorand’s,Ada’s & Atom’s!

  5. Max is on great ranting form! I think Paul Krugman triggers him.

  6. Que genios!!!! Al menos tenemos doblaje en español !!! Gracias Max y Stacy!

  7. You're talking like the planet doesn't desperately need to stop using so much power

  8. "Fluffers on a porn set." Max is being entirely too kind. They aspire to be fluffers on a porn set. Bitcoin, be there, or be square.

  9. Bitcoin can never replace fiat currencies as there are around 20 million of them and at current prices are around 600 billion dollars worth. This is a small fraction of the needed 30 TRILLION of liquidity for the world financial system to work efficiently.

  10. “Why would the American people want a CBDC?”
    Lmao have you seen in the last 2 years how much the majority willingly walk into the gas chambers? In the name of “good”. They eat up anything with enough fear. Pathetic, gullible sheep will destroy life for the rest of us.

  11. Por favor ponga la traducción al español como.lo tenian antes.

  12. When Parker explained that proof of work is showing that you've used energy to mine BTC(electricity is decentralised) as opposed to proof of stake which is essentially proof of capital(the closer you are to the money spigot… You guys know how the saying goes).

    I learn something new every time when I listen to Parker or I learn a new way of thinking.

  13. El-Erian may be an academic with real world experience but he is most certainly on the other side of the looking glass, and a vassal of the central bank and Keynesians like Krugman.

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