MAX & STACY REPORT [EP17] – Liberty, Sovereignty and Reelection in El Salvador

Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert present the first global English language macro economic and bitcoin news out of El Salvador

In this episode of MAX & STACY REPORT, are joined by Congressman, William Soriano, to discuss the new El Salvador dream where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are happening for the first time in 201 years.

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30 gedachten over “MAX & STACY REPORT [EP17] – Liberty, Sovereignty and Reelection in El Salvador”

  1. Auntie Surfer Stacy and Uncle Magic Max, Holdin' it down like usual.

  2. Stacy i love you, you get what POW does.Energy backed currency ,and energy is the most valuable asset since 1962 , 1 unit of energy=1$ in 1962.Today 1 unit of energy=10$

  3. Super episode—I’m afraid the storm will be coming to El Salvadore soon—please take good care, you are a beacon!

  4. Hello, I am a faithful follower for more than 10 years. translate to spanish please.

    We will have many faithful followers waiting.

    Thank you very much for the help

  5. ** MAX `&` STACY REPORT ** ( Back? ) /?/ GREAT! **“`[EP.,#.,17] “` I – continue to comment this repeatedly! (*EVERYWHERE*) It's the FACT .,. that governments .,. (Bank-sters! ETC:!) .,. REFUSE to SHAKE ''HANDS''.,. with their very own intrinsic populations. (FACT) [ Friendly – mindset toward and upon! ] “` Populace – treated as ''farm product chattel''!" “` *An economic SLAUGHTER mentality as applied! “` What to do? So! Can ( $$ digital ) .,. the currency therein – SAID MONEY – be frozen also? (*All $$ CRYPTO $$ – money?*) THANK YOU.

  6. Glad I'm back online with you two amazing people. As I've said before, wish I would have listened to you back in 2011… I laugh at it now as I try to convince others to get on board then they laugh at me. So, I explain 'Bail-ins' then they laugh more….. so I've stopped. Anywho. Hope to buy you both a drink/coffee/green tea one of these days. Stay Frosty. xx

  7. Watching with auto-generated sub-titles; 'El Salvadorans' are "Salmons" and 'Guatemalans' are "Water melons" 😉

  8. It is extremely easy.
    Devide 21 million by the ammout of Bitcoin you own. Then you know your bitcoin value in a world of 8 billion people. Where do you rank as a holder of the best currency ever created.
    Money from the 4th dimension, that humans cannot see.
    Good luck stacking.

  9. Lookin sharp in that jacket Stacy! Droppin some more of those Truthbombs! Lovin my M&S report! Thanks guys!!!!!

  10. im seriously considering moving to bitcoin capital, el salvadore..

  11. keep the money in banks you are willing to lose.. thank you maximalist

  12. stacy make a picture of a bull fight with a bull that looks like MAX with his Horn stuck right through the matador who looks like Jamie Diamond with some kind of Fiat patches on his matador outfit!

  13. Loving the example: " 1st humans separate church from state. Now, the new philosophy, separation of the money from govt."

  14. I wouldn't put it this woman would be robbing the bank of her own money I would say she's taking what's rightfully hers by force and I guess and some ironic way she is truly robbing the bank of her own money 🤔🇺🇸🤑👹🤑🌍💰

  15. But way 🤔?? Daisy Herbert and Max Kaiser El Salvador actually means the savior in the Spanish language… That is truly ironic hope you get my message I have never seen anybody speak up with the word or the name El Salvador means which is actually the savior a proper fit for a country that has a symptom that will be the savior of the world 🤔👍💪 Bitcoin

  16. Eth is now POO..Proof Of Oligarchy and a security hole.

  17. Please in Spanisch traduction people need more information with yours opinion , tanks a lot

  18. Keep no more money in Banks 🇦🇷 than you can afford to lose’ ⏳

    95% Argentine inflation, and sanctions on journalists are reminders of the urgency of moving into Bitcoin & crypto 🏃🏽‍♂️.🏃🏽‍♀️

  19. Despues de la Relecsion el presidente Bukele William Soriano propongo como futuro presidente para la cuntunidad en Seguridad.Economia futuristas como Las Geotermicas Energia por vida que ahora en dia sera el futuro de la humaniadad el petroleo y gas se tiene que terminar quieran o No solo es cuestion de tiempo nada mas la energia volcanica esta mientras exictamos como humanidad asta el infinito.el petroleo blanco que tenemos Bitcoin con geotermicas dominaran el panorama mundial Economico .Energia es natural 7 x 7 365 sin parar multiplicando las termicas Espectacular Panoramico Economico que nos espera.ahora con todo.

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