MAX & STACY REPORT [EP07] – Inflation is Ultraviolence

Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert present the first global English language macro economic and bitcoin news out of El Salvador

In this seventh episode of MAX & STACY REPORT, they are joined by Simon Dixon of Bank to the Future to discuss the meltdown in DeFi and the global financial system in a post-bitcoin world.

In the headlines, Max and Stacy look at inflation.

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  1. Hi Stacy
    It's funny what you say about Scandinavia.
    I am from Denmark, and have for many years thought high taxes were fine, also higher.
    But in recent years, corruption has also risen explosively among our politicians and our current prime minister.
    Have no confidence in democracy anymore, they just use Them on weapons to Ukraine and more bull.

  2. Please put a translation into Spanish, I've been following you for years and it's a shame I can't follow you now.

  3. Este es el único medio por el que puedo acceder a vuestro programa pero necesito subtitles para aprovecharlo al máximo, y no creo ser la única persona que lo desearía, POR FAVOR incluyan el español!!!

  4. Anyone else pondered the thought that El Salvador embracing Bitcoin, maybe a trail front for a larger country……..?

  5. Max's shoes are metaphoric. He's reminds us that, while Bitcoin is valuable, gold still projects foundational value.

  6. B-Movie!!! The revolution will not be televised, but it might be on YT. LOL. Appreciate the great work.

  7. gil scott heron was a genius, his lyrics and music stands the test of time

  8. Don’t lock 🇱🇰 🇨🇦 yourself into a Fiat future’ Talk of digital passports tied to your bank account, and world 🌍 events are reminders of the 🔑 importance of Bitcoin and crypto.

  9. It's as dangerous as Ronald Reagan's School of America's death squads.

  10. Keynes actually pushed for inflation. He also confused cause and effect suggesting there was too little consumption and that consumption causes production.

    Goods have to be produced first to be consumed

  11. what do you think of Elon Musk selling 75% of his BTC holdings? What is the reason behind that?

  12. The inflation in USA is more than that because I'm as a worker and middle class we use to pay $240 dollars now we pay $500 dollars the fed numbers is so fake like CNN

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