Max Keiser – “US Is In Free-fall”

Clipped from interview that originally aired live on November 22nd, 2023.
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11 gedachten over “Max Keiser – “US Is In Free-fall””

  1. It's a bad sign when Max Keiser's predictions seem like they are ripping off, albeit organically, Black Mirror episodes.

  2. Jesus. Keiser had lost his mind. Full on mask-off facist Max. Praising a far right free market looney in Argentina? Sorry this is a new low for Graham .These two grifters are nuts! Bitcoin is a scam. Nobody in El Salvadore uses it.

  3. Let me get this straight Keiser believes that the wealthiest capitalist country on earth wants to become communist? Makes no sense.

  4. Bitcoin will collapse before the United States does .. The US is backed by fake money, Bitcoin is a faker form of fake money.

  5. Always blows my mind hearing anyone claim that rail workers strike breaker and anti-medicare for all Joe Biden is a 'maoist' and/or 'communist'. There's too many people walking around using words they don't understand in ways that are comically incorrect.

  6. Live off grid in your Tesla and trade gold and bit coin using smoke signals and Semaphore Flags! Eat prairie dogs while they last; oops, they're gone; gotta eat your Pit Bull now!

  7. Really there is mass violence and looting on the streets of Chicago? I walk down the street at night in the dark and see no one on the streets. And I hear nothing oof this on the news anywhere so can you direct me to this news? So sorry or you all.

  8. Max is so confused. Feudalism… then Communism. It's neither. It is imperialism in such crisis that even so called left are in the down fall. Graham, what you said is how I feel also.

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