4 gedachten over “Max Keiser: “they will ban self custody”, SOL pump, China cross-border settlement, STX, WorldCoin”

  1. I think Max would be more correct to say that they will 'try' to ban self custody – but the regulators are already years behind the tech so it will be fun to watch the feckless give it a go…

  2. How can they ban me from owning my own wallet with my own Bitcoin in it? They can try to ban the on and off ramps but that would be quite a reach.

  3. If they ban self custody it will be for the collection of taxes.

  4. No chance whatsoever of private wallets being banned. That would leave the powers that be liable for losses incurred by hackers and the thieving actions of the platforms of the nature of ftx and others who have been dishonest

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