Max Keiser – “The Ponzi Scheme Will Crash…PREPARE!!!” – Bitcoin & Crypto Update 2023

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10 gedachten over “Max Keiser – “The Ponzi Scheme Will Crash…PREPARE!!!” – Bitcoin & Crypto Update 2023”

  1. I think the Elite are still in control of BITCOIN and if you dont think so, you are a fool asking to get robbed by TIME BANDITS…!

  2. Since I started making money on crypto currency I invested $7,000 and my profits is $25,850 every 11 days and I never lost my money on crypto..

  3. Crypto will definitely crash to its lowest level. I believe Bitcoin will drop all the way to $3k or even lower. A big crash is coming soon.

  4. Ok max…. U also said $50 silver would break JP Morgan then sold out the silver community and now bash them for crypto. Crypto is all good, but way to build a base then talk shit on them after you pump and dump them. Then tell people btc is going to 300k when its 50k, and have all those late comers get slaughtered at the to. To call him a sensationalist would be an understatement.
    I used to like the guy, but btc maxis and moonboys are gross and ugly people that cant be trusted

  5. Keiser is a charlatan and hyped up moonboys btc maxi. I used to like him, but now he sounds like a cult leader like saylor. Retards like them are one step above scammers and fraudsters that make crypto look bad.

  6. Can you post the link to the opening video with the man talking about USA printing money in response to debt.

  7. America has always been owned and controlled by the evil bankers in London England who are quite adapt at enslaving all countries they set up shop in to amplify their quest for world domination. We all must fight against the New World Order pushed by Hitler and now by the German Jew Shwab.

  8. BTC is not Bitcoin, it is new fork coin created in 2017 when SegWit changed the protocol and created a new coin (BTC)
    BTC is fully controlled by Core devs and Blockstream who they work for, who are the ones that created the SegWit airdrop
    You really have no clue about anything, you are just another fool who fell for BTC fraud propaganda

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