25 gedachten over “Max Keiser tells the German people to hold onto their gold”

  1. Danke Max … ich glaube dass die Deutschen wissen es bereits !
    Thanks Max .. I think the Germans know that already !
    Since the Euro introduction, we have lost 50% of our "paper money" buying power.
    Most Germans were against the Euro, and are still regretting it… and were not even asked if they wanted to give up the DM .. of course the state knew that !
    I could imagine that most Central Banks have being quietly buying Gold at these prices !

  2. Hilarious! Great job Max! I'm already 40% in gold and silver and I intend to get rid of more worthless U.S. dollars in the next few months.

  3. Why does this look like just an outtake from some new video on the Wiemar Republic's contribution to unsound banking?? I can hear a director five feet away saying, "More feel, Max, more feel. Think about what you would have said if you were in front of the Reichstag in October, 1929."

  4. Max you been drinking again ?. Give us all another hard core Federal Reserve Bank Beating.

    Take a couple shots smoke a doobie and lay it out for the world to hear because your getting alot of attention and we need you and Peter Schiff Dr Paul Jessi Ventura and a whole bunch of freedom loving Americans

    Keep the work up Max & thank you

  5. That was simply hilarious.. If you didn't make such sense, I'd call you a lunatic.. 🙂

  6. I think I already left a comment awhile ago. But man.. this is a great clip.

  7. German people, I say…dont do it German people…its the devils currency….hold on to your gold German people….HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

  8. Not the people per say, its the damn government. At least inGemany, they have vending machines that sell gold. Vending machines in America sell junk food, get my point?

  9. This video made me lol. I was looking for a big crowd in front of Max… only to find some walking sheeple in the distance,

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