30 gedachten over “Max Keiser talks about Bitcoin and Litecoin on BBC Newsnight! All about digital currency”

  1. Nobody is mining these coins in cyberspace. They are mined on real hardware. The computer network of hardware dedicated to a particular coin, say bitcoin, communicate with each other via 'cyber space' aka the internet. I always feel that these reports aim to subvert the legitimacy of crypto-currency in the tone the presenters use. Bitcoin is the ultimate hedge against inflation.

  2. For the record — USD can be used anonymously by criminals. What is your point?

  3. Now Bitcoin is being accepted as payment by Tesla, Dell, and even a few universities as school payment… the principle of block chain tech crypto currency is here to stay and it's still early.

  4. Lol that dumbass Jeremy Cook, now I'm laughing all the way to the ba… I mean my ledger nano s.

  5. I can totally relate to Max in this situation. Story of my life when talking to people.

  6. I love it. When Bitcoin was $700.00 Now I wonder if either of those two plonkers bought any?

  7. Who ever programmed the block-chain cyber-currency has a back-door they can use. Artificial intelligence and algorithms that can pull value right through from inside. – Just like the owner of the bank can open your safe-deposit box and sniff your cash and deposits!

  8. bitcoin sounds good i just don't want the government in the future to take it that one step further and introduce some sort of implanted chip or account on the computer wich means if you have any debt they will rob it all of you bitcoin might just be that stepping stone. love max keiser though!

  9. I'm not arguing with his opinion, but I do wish he would articulate why supposed bitcoin problems aren't problems, growing size of ledger, transaction time extremely slow, and the ease that governments can control the on/off ramps, and the ease of which governments can control who can accept bitcoin (Walmart/Gas Stations), etc… I would love to send him a message and ask him but I have no idea how to get a message to him. If someone does please forward this and hopefully he'll do a video on it.

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