Max Keiser: Predicting the collapse of Iceland

Aljazeera re-aired Max’s 2007 prediction of a collapse of the Icelandic economy.

While the program aired in August 2007, it was filmed in April 2007.

Watch for the scene in the Blue Lagoon in which Max predicts a global Depression to be caused when all these debts driven by low interest rates burst.

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  1. Thank you Max Keiser for this eye opening report.

    For more than a year no mainstream media in Iceland reported these kind of warnings and if they did the banks always got to put in their 'corrections'.

    Now that Icelandic journalists have started realizing that there jobs as mouth pieces for bank owners are no longer safe, they finally start picking up news like these. Pity it's a year too late.

  2. your population is around 301,000… it's quite irrelevant the small percentage missing.

  3. Hey , im from iceland ! and every thing is so expensiv now !

  4. Iceland's population is actually 320,000. I'm not saying this is hugely important, but it's a reflection on the quality of Max Keiser's "journalism". Try reading the Financial Times.

  5. This film was made in 2007, Iceland — Estimated Population: 301,931 (July 2007 Est.) At the time most sources claimed it to be around that figure. Including your own Statistics Iceland office who say 307K. His journalism in that respect was quite accurate.

  6. Iceland's current woes are actually largely down to wildly inaccurate foreign journalism, such as Mr Keiser's.

  7. According to Statistics Iceland, Iceland's population was closer to 310,000 in July 2007. That's rather different from "less than 300,000".

  8. It makes very little difference to people who have small cities of that size, it just makes more of an impact in journalism terms to say that.

  9. yes! how dare they spread such false information, shame on them.

  10. That gentleman called Jonsson looks very nervous, like he is lying, hiding something. That´s my impression.

  11. i'll pray for you and your family for things to get better. and don't get angry i me, but i recommend you not to join the U.S. army or any army in the world. best wishes.

  12. Actually, Harralce, Gimli, Manitoba has the largest Icelandic diaspora in the world. I don't know if Icelandic is spoken there much anymore. However, if your writing is any indication of your English speaking skills you should do alright. The climate also won't be such a shock unlike Australia which is a still reeling from ten years of drought. If you think the resource sector is going to expand Canada would be a safe bet.

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  14. Your only hope is to enlist in the US Army.
    Your job will be guaranteed.

  15. Easy to see whats happening. World elitists want their New World Order. The capstone on the Pyramid, one world government & worldwide electronic cash. You've heard it before; Mark of the beast. It'll soon be here.

  16. LOL so true, unfortunately. BTW everyone consiering the military keep in mind that even military officials say Afghanistan (our new focus) will be way harder than Iraq.

  17. with a screen name like Zelig you might have a guess where I got my screen name. C'mon, search that memory.

  18. I would rather join the French army……they were smart enough to stay the hell out of Iraq in the first place.

  19. And the IRS dosen't even know how to tax it. ROTFLMAO!

  20. I was fortunate enough to see Max in the original screening and it saved me a fortune-thanks Al Jazeera and Max.

  21. Max IS the man. Let's all bathe in his glow before the Banking Cartel remove him.

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