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  1. Look at that dude who's contradicting Keiser, pure fear in his eyes.
    Fear of realising of truth, that cryptocurrencies are the future of
    exchanging money, just like Napster was the future of sharing music.
    I can't wait to see his face in 5-10 years, when he won't be able to
    buy groceries without the store slapping him in the face with a QR code.
    Keiser owned him, especially at the end.

  2. "They can simply take it off of you; they can get it off your computer."

    Thieves can't even attempt to take what they don't know exists. Even if they somehow know the public address for a given wallet, the key for it could be:

    1) Encrypted with a strong passphrase.
    2) Require multiple key signatures held by many unknown parties.
    3) Strong passphrase could be the key (brain wallet) and exist only in their head.
    4) Split up and stored in many locations (Shamir's Secret Sharing, etc).
    5) Stored on tiny flash chips, etc. Thieves could spend weeks tearing a building apart and still fail to locate even creatively hidden unencrypted keys.

    Keep up the good work Max! 🙂

  3. i could say this about dollars: if i owe someone 1 dollar and i give him 1 dollar
    The next day 1$ is not as strong that does not mean i owe him another 0.0000123$.
    He still got the full 100% of the 1 dollar and the other person still got the 100% of the bitcoin in this case. Now instead he can look at it and watch it grow in value! 🙂

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