Max Keiser on Greenspan, Bailouts and Bananas (pt 1)

Max Keiser debates Alan Greenspan’s role in the financial crisis sweeping the globe. Money supply growth, low interest rates and financial war crimes tribunals are discussed.

This is part one of the debate held on France 24, Face Off, on 18 September 2008

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  1. We need a 'new balance economic order'. We MUST have taxes for import from Far East. Right now: USA, EU, Japan and some other countries have the power. WE ARE THE MARKET, WE ARE THE CONSUMERS. And, it's best for all parts, all people in the world. We can not allow Far East to produce it all for us.

  2. Will never happen. CNN is Obama best friend, along with Paulson, Bernake, and Geithner all Obama's cronies.

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