30 gedachten over “Max Keiser on Bankers’ Bonuses – 27 March 2009 (1 of 2)”

  1. I like idea of putting the bankers to death. No one is going to stop a execution like that.

  2. YOU have been scammed by the bail out…

    It's time to move to a new energy, space-economy…

    Google :: "Exopolitics"

  3. The history of homebuying goes back further though. There are people who got used to buying, waiting for prices to rise, then selling… Without thinking about the long term consequences. This coupled with the bankers "reeling it all back in" has created disaster. So both should be decapitated. I know nurses, teachers and other keyworkers that can't wait to watch it….

  4. It's a shame we have people who place all the blame on gov't, or all the blame on Wall St, or all the blame on consumers. The professor is right about the Fed. But Max is absolutely right that Wall St committed massive fraud.

    The analogy of the Fed pouring alcohol and Wall St getting drunk is incomplete–Wall St hijacked a car and totaled it. Can't blame the Fed for that, just as you wouldn't blame the bartender if your friend got hammered and crashed your car into a tree.

  5. Their is a large difference between your analogy and what is happening. If your drunk friend crashes your car, your screwed. If wall ST crashes the economy we are all screwed.

  6. Keiser is 150% right on!!! He has hit the nail right on the head… This was a planed collapse by the corrupt corporate rich and the Fed Reserve… ( A PRIVATE BANK )

    What these bankers have done to the US is nothing sort of treason which in this country is punishable by death… Paulson should be the first to go! Soon after everyone in the Bilderberg group.

  7. "Their is a large difference between your analogy and what is happening. If your drunk friend crashes your car, your screwed. If wall ST crashes the economy we are all screwed"

    Touche! Well, at least that's what they told us in order to justify giving taxpayer money to banks… so they can lend it back to us at interest.

    It's extortion.

    Another difference, is that our hypothetical drunk friend didn't mean to wreck the car. But Wall St knew these securities would eventually blow up.

  8. I certainly do not bellieve there (Wall ST, Fed, banks, Fiat currency) crashing the economy to be a justafiable means for seizing our money to pay banks who's low interest rates are partly to blame, all while knowing beyond a reasonable doubt that it would lead to this situation, not to mention the politicians who helped usher it in… It is however a very justifiable means to question what there intentions are and whom they are working for. For it most certainly is not the American people…

  9. HAHAHA I read your comment before I watched the clip. Oh THAT French dildo lol

  10. damn i m french and i must admit our english is terrible, just look at this guy !

  11. Banks say they are making a profit and intend to continue paying bonuses. Of course they are ? Bank makes 200 billion, bank looses 300 billion, government gives bank 200 billion, result profit of 100 billion. Result more bonuses and the debt created to be paid by the hard pressed ordinary decent citizens. Planet earth is finished it entirely being run by criminals,

  12. Sooner or later these Financial Manipulators will get their just deserts. I just wish we hadn't gotten rid of the guillotine quite so soon, not that they deserve such a luxury. Karma always wins…one way or another.

  13. Jct: The banking system is designed to be legally abused to divert attention from the root systemic malfunction. "Bailouts to bonuses" is a wonderful diversion from promising to pay 11 when the bank only created and loaned out 10.

  14. The ineptitude of that French academic is astounding. He is the old guard par excellence. Move over and make way for the champion of financial reform: Max!

  15. The people must rise up! Imagine the absurdity of suggesting that bankers should be paid absurd bonuses in the off chance that they will take their fraudulence elsewhere! Fecking let them go! They will be replaced in the new order of things. Let this ancien regime go up in flames!

  16. After bankers crashed the economy in 1929, some committed suicide…after they crashed the economy in 2008 they demanded even bigger bonuses!

  17. how about you stop speaking over the frenchman and let him speak his point. this is why americans are frowned upon everywhere.

  18. Everyone loves Max Keiser as if he is some kind of preacher to the masses. The only reason that he is taking the moral high ground here is because he has already made his money in investment banking himself years ago and now has enough cash to retire. Morally he is no better than the people who work in banking today. He is just egocentric and craves a bit of popularity. Keiser is just as much a crook as any other banker there ever has been.

  19. i wonder if this professor of economics pascal salin saved this interview and watched it recently…all i can say is thanx max….for showing these dbs you were right from the get go!

  20. the french men should watch this in 2012 and for the rest of 21st century

  21. I'm surprised he didn't get taken off immediately for saying decapitation

  22. Watching in 2021 max has been the same hero since day one

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