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  1. The people that the USA seen in peopl call economy hit men .They go to third world countrys arm them train them to fight people that our enemeys today which will be our friends tommrow . this way if people get to piss in the USA they have some country in dedut to the USA then we make some bull shit war . to distract the peopl of the USA . It's true look it up for youe selves. good house of greed or white house lol. remember watch out and look up thx for your time .


    "The war, as I see it, is between 'savers' and 'speculators'.
    I do not believe in the right v left, republican v democrat – I don't really buy that kind of tension in the political sphere.
    I don't see the existential threat that Washington sees, which prompts them to put cameras on every street corner and TSA in my underwear…
    I don't see any threat other than this primary threat and war between savers versus speculators.
    Speculators are a plague on society.
    Speculators want interest rates near 0% because they want to borrow money as cheaply as they possibly can to construct ever greater layers of ponzi scheme economics!"

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