30 gedachten over “Max Keiser – ‘Hang the Bankers!’”

  1. " ive done my homwork, i work for an investment bank ive structured these things, i understand them…" good for you to know the game. Youve done a great work… having invented complicated financial products which nobody understands and that annul financial acts. sounds like a drug dealer in court proudly describing his drug business.

  2. @pejazrh2 This is by far one of the dumbest things I've ever heard…

  3. Max is too educated and informed for these imbeciles; they're not even on his level!! Way to go Max we love you for your integrity and honesty keep up the good work!!

  4. We hanged pirates and let their corpses rot in the sun as a warning to others. How are bankers different?

  5. Just lost any tiny amount of respect I may have had for James Max , Max Keiser is spot on

  6. James Max. A perfect example of institutional complacency and ignorance.He either has no clue as to what is going on, or he is corrupt himself. James Max, you are a puppet for the banking industry, and should never be taken seriously.

  7. Isn't it hilarious how GS bankers always have huge bags under their eyes? There should be union officials occupying the offices at 8 p.m. forcing everybody out. Spend some time with your family, for God's sake.

  8. Max is awesome!!! What a beautiful world it would be if we could get rid of Banking and toilet paper money !

  9. Banks were Regulated at one time. The Banks lobby for the elimination of Regulators with money from ???

    Bankers don't go to Jail.

    Regulations that have not been repealed are not enforced.

    Best case solution? Hang Bankers

  10. "BIS"- BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS OUT OF Switzerland runs the World.
    Time to kill every f one of them for all the crimes and wars they have committed since 1913.

  11. anyone who speaks the truth is a conspiracy theory nut these days

  12. every time I watch this I'm more and more amazed at how right he is. not just about hanging the bankers, but everything. this was over a decade ago and he understood it back then, and I'm only now coming to terms with some of the things he was saying then

  13. they been funding secret armies to overthrow government

  14. You can tell Richard is disgusted with what he has seen over the years. He agrees w virtually everything Max says. He just can’t explicitly say it on air. James Max, a slave to the system that he worked in for so long and still caters to, is suffering from an extreme level of cognitive dissonance and also from SS (as Max said). Nothing Max says will be able to convince this poor soul that he was part of a casino-esque system.

  15. Max Keiser was ahead of his time. The other guests are a reflection of all of us, of how well we have been brainwashed by governments and bankers.

  16. agreed hang them all and hang those who assist and protect and defend them also

  17. I wonder how much bitcoin Richard Sharp owns. He displays a surreptitious yet clear respect for Max Keiser. He appeared to veil it but I could see him nodding in micro-expression as Max spoke.

  18. Max
    Im glad to see this video on 2023
    You proved they are wrong

  19. bro you know how many time i tell people, they dont know what your saying is in conjunction to ISIS, i have to tell them every detail, you have to pay people to do that, im doing it for free for them, Corrupt – John Key Profit From NZ Foreign Debt? Conflict of interest? (No Media Coverage) https://youtu.be/qGO3oeXdE-g

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