11 gedachten over “Max Keiser calls Russell Brand a Fraudulent, Illiterate, Petulant Bimbo”

  1. The vast majority of British charities have bank balances of tens of millions , vast portfolios of stocks and shares, lavish headquarters and pay their directors telephone number size salaries. In many cases less than 5% of donated funds actually goes to the target beneficiaries, the rest being swallowed up in admin, salaries and expenses. It`s a scandal.

  2. This is ridiculous lol these guys are so fake and just acting lol Russell said its a good cause but at the end of the day it's the people being asked to help pay for something that is broken threw our own problems … Wars famine etc … Put abit of actual journalism I to rather then making stupid childish jokes … Fucking clowns … Russet isn't perfect but at least he can elaborate on what he is actually saying

  3. Russell brand is 50 times more intelligent than keiser and 1000 times better looking,and that,thats what bothers keiser.Keis will always be ugly,Russell will always be good looking.

  4. It is not a coincidence Brand LOOKS LIKE Jesus, in you subconscious he appears to people as a savior,that he is not .

  5. The video starts with a horrid false equivalency. Russell saying people should lay off of comic relief because they mean well isn't the same as supporting the North Koreans.

  6. Guys this is from 2013, at least that was when Russell tweeted that. This is before Brand came on his show and Keiser actually went on his

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