Max Keiser Bitcoin Interview 2022 – You NEED To Know What They’re Planning

Max Keiser Bitcoin Interview 2022 – You NEED To Know What They’re Planning

In this video, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert walk us through the Blackhole of Debt. They discuss what the endgame is and what’ the ultimate plan to confiscate our wealth.

Max Keiser also talks about the current war between Bitcoin and Fiat Money and Stacy mentions that there can only be one winner: Bitcoin!


Published on April 23, 2022

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  3. Why would you ever think that a man made idea of money, just as paper money was, would ever be the answer to fiat currency? Precious metals are created by the earth…untainted…uncontrolled…and free from manipulation of man. That’s not to say that man cannot control it’s price, thanks to our own government, and the creation of paper contracts trading, without the actual physical possession of the metal itself. Bitcoin, unfortunately, will never be the answer, but it will make much of the world poor.

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