Max Keiser and Yanis Varoufakis retrospective

Taken from Keiser Report episode 247 & 301 a look back at the dialogue between Max & Yanis in 2012 which should give some insight into the battle with financial terrorism unfolding in Greece

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  2. Greek politicians should gather the courage to (1) default, (2) leave the EU, (3) return to the drachma, (4) stop borrowing, and (5) accept any consequences that result.  To blame others for not lending you MORE money when you can't pay back what you've already borrowed is to not accept your portion of the blame.  The country must rebuild from nothing, and they are afraid to do it – they want to pretend they will not have the lifestyle they used to have, a lifestyle that was based on borrowing and spending other people's money.

  3. I love Greece. All the very best to Tsipras, Varoufakis and, of course, the Greek people as a whole.

  4. yep, the vast majority of the "oh so generous" Troika money to Greece goes straight back to the parasites at Deutsche Bank, Societe Generale, etc. Let's hope this ends when they default.

  5. Former Defense Minister Panos Kammenos openly and directly accused former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis of deliberately trying to destroy Greek economy, cause a catastrophic Grexit, allow collaborating vulture funds to earn billions with inside information!
    He worked for these funds as an economist.
    After such criminal accusations he risks an International Interpol arrest warrant, trial in Greece for treason, and lifetime prison sentence.

  6. If i may, from a geopolitical angle, isnt it that the greek identity itself is an illusion by being an American protectorate ?

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