Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert’s GIABO Communique #1

Max & Stacy have a message for the crowds of Occupy Wall Street in their first GIABO (Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation) Communique. Please go to for more information.

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  1. @mphello Re. communism, part II :

    Many USA'ns speak of communism as juxtaposable to democracy. It's an invalid comparison! Communism doesn't mean govt can't be democratically elected. A communistic govt could be democratic or dictatorial. We have so-called Dem. govts and they're FASCIST, so also dictatorial, but they're supposed to be Dem.

    Communism is comparable to socialism and capitalism, not democracy. But many USA'ns don't realise this.

    And I'm a hippy, btw. Not all of us are dim. 🙂

  2. @michaelpshipley1 wrote : "Google this: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Call For Totalitarian Government, Re-Election Of Obama"

    That's an infowars[dot]com piece of October 2nd by PJW and it has links for two updates from Oct. 3rd. BUT, people should be careful. I've previously found some gross misjudgements made by him and Alex Jones, so it's generally important to look for supporting and contrary info. from other sources.
    These people, like other people, do make mistakes and can exaggerate.

  3. @michaelpshipley1 However, I definitely believe that Obama supporters, some anyway, will join OWS, ODC, OLA, OSF, et cetera, would happen and that govt-sponsored infiltration is likely. But it's like war. One side is aggressor and therefore guilty, while the other side fights for defence. If the defence is strong, then the guilty parties will try to devise ways of defeating the defencive side, including from within, so with infiltration, f.e.

    You [might] be helping them more than justice.

  4. @michaelpshipley1 Spanish Civil War :
    Wa., DC forbade USA'ns travelling to help Spanish resistance, but Lincoln Brigade acted and went to Spain to try to help the resistance anyway. They all lost, but it apparently was only or mainly due to ideological differences among the resistance forces.
    Google for, "The Abraham Lincoln Brigade – A Profile in Courage, Honor and Hope", by Stephen Lendman, 2007.
    Resistance was required, but failed. Failure is possible, if we try … ; else, it's guaranteed.

  5. @Gravija1980 wrote : "I don't think Max gives a fuck about the protests. He might even be concerned about how it could negatively affect him."

    There's not much Max can say to respond to that remark. People like you would again claim that he's a liar or fraudster, anyway.

    Maybe he doesn't particularly care for the protests, but if he doesn't, then it doesn't mean that he's pro-Wall Street et al, either. So he could still provide valid info. for the public.

  6. @dangoat2009 wrote : "Remove the Diamond from the Crown."

    Then, throw the crown away, unless it's made of gold, and throw the diamond in my direction, while I try to play catch ; but if the crown is made of gold, then throw both pieces my way and I'll try to play double-catch-ya. Crowns must have gold, I presume. Even US military officers have gold thread used in the making of their hats. I know that first-hand, having worked in making some of those hats in 1975. Gold "thread" is used.

  7. @LoveBringsTruth First I'll reply, and then I'm flagging your post as bs spam, because you post junk. There's nothing respectable in what you posted ; just garbage view from a young idiot, or you're not young, then an older person who is probably more idiot than when he or she was young, perhaps anyway.

    If you're going to spew out accusations against Max for what he says, then you better come up with some strong supporting evidence. INNOCENT until proven guilty! So far, you're guilty of libel.

  8. @LoveBringsTruth wrote : "… Just Look at keisers soulless eyes. If you cause violence you're evil."

    You're saying that Max is causing violence? If so, then you need to have your mind examined, because your synapses aren't correctly working ; they're like all confused, chaotically combined. You need some "traffic police" in their to help properly direct the traffic of your synapses.

    And I don't think to want to know what you think love is. You evidently have none for illustration purposes.

  9. It's true that OWS is supporting the Buffet tax scheme, and that's not good news. Buffet, Soros, Gates, etc, do NOT care about creating a good and just world. They're all about profit. Soros supported the totally unjustifiable war on Kosovo in 1999 for his gain.

    They're all neoliberals of different "colours", only. Neither neocons nor liberals are conservative, not as long as they don't act to conservationlly preserve the natural environment, work for real justice, etc.

    More evil's ahead.

  10. But, I won't blame Max or Stacy about Buffet and OWS. If they're blamable in this, then it's not as the leaders, who are the ones to be stopped.

    But, it's true that the OWS Web site says they support the Buffet tax scheme, and there's definitely NO reason to trust Buffet et al. OWS is committing a treachorous choice that isn't unusual, but is bad.

    Buffet, Soros, etc? Expect deception. They didn't get as rich as they are from being honest workers. They're market "gamers" and love wealth.

  11. @mikecorbeil I don't disagree. My main point is to ask what is his personal agenda here. People in the public eye, especially "investor" types, know they can influence perception and behavior in the market – so why would they not use it to their advantage? It's wise to be skeptical about these (Mad Money, Max Keiser, Pete Schiff etc.) people

  12. @mikecorbeil

    May I recommend, on You Tube:

    Rabbi: "Zionists have HIJACKED the Jewish Religion"

    BTW: Keiser and Herbert were born in the states.

  13. @mphello I also try to keep my Youtube inbox clean, and imagine that most people do, but little comes in there, compared to all of the comments seen at Youtube, where a lot of ignorance is expressed, as well as lies, progaganda, et cetera. There's also truth, but finding it requires some caution. That's an old expression, or there was one much like it. The elites are rich enough to have teams work at deceiving us, and they've succeeded in the past, and have supporters.
    Not a good situation.

  14. @frickadele wrote : "May I recommend, on You Tube:
    Rabbi: "Zionists have HIJACKED the Jewish Religion""

    Sure. That can be recommended, if it's what you want to do ; BUT, I wouldn't bother with it. Zionists as known today didn't hi-jack truly Jewish religious groups or all of the Jewish population of Israel, or any other Middle Eastern country, US, et cetera. Iranian Jews said NO to Israel's offer for relocation. Other Jews are activists. All of them remain Jew and non-hi-jacked.

  15. @mikecorbeil

    The difference between ignorance and stupidity….
    is you can teach the ignorant.

    the people on this channel will you tube what
    I suggested and decide for themselves…
    after they've gotten enough info.
    Anyone who doesn't want to read, watch, listen to someone…
    is afraid to do so…or is dirty.

  16. @annisisbell AshkeNAZI seems appropriate. This group foisted the term "jew" on us to confuse and divide.

  17. @mikecorbeil Agreed! Koestler gives us food for thought about those who worship deviltry and are a commanding, hidden force in society. The entire Khazarian Empire has been nearly purged from history to disguise its power and barbaric methods today.

  18. The Obama administration’s adoption of the “99 percent” slogan is a clear sign that the Occupy Wall Street movement is being exploited as an Obama campaign tool. As ourselves and others predicted weeks ago, Obama will use the demonstrations as a populist gimmick to imply that his political opposition sides with the 1 percent who have contributed to America’s economic decline.

  19. @wilikoki69 Who's Koestler? I tried a Wikipedia search and it lists 4 people, 2 of whome haveh this exact family name, a Hungarian political writer, who is Arthur Koestler, and his 2nd wife. I don't know if either of them is the person you're talking about, or which of them are. Arthur Koestler may be the one, due to being or having been a political writer, and what you say the person wrote about. But is he?

    I've read too little about Khazars to be able to really say anything about them.

  20. she´s hot belive me …but not that hot in this video….!

  21. I love watching Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on RT
    God bless them both

  22. The beginning of the romance starts here… it is wonderful to share your life with someone you can talk to on the most educated levels….   I would be jealous if I was a sociopathic oligarchic technocrat.

  23. I didn’t find Max, and Stacy until late 2017. The second worst thing that ever happen to me financially. Better late, than never. ♥️

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