Max Keiser and Bitcoin TINA – Swan Signal Live – A Bitcoin Show – E43

laatste update: 05-2022

Max Keiser of Orange Pill Podcast and Keiser Report, and Bitcoin TINA, a Wall Street vet and Bitcoin gigabull, join Brady to review the “Banner year in Bitcoin”.

00:00 Introduction
4:15 Max’s Take on Bitcoin’s “End of an Era”
6:50 TINA’s Expectations for the Market
12:58 “The Big Long”
20:30 A Fiat Collapse & Entering a New Monetary System
35:05 What Could Slow Bitcoin Down?
40:00 World Game Theory for Bitcoin
45:15 Consequences of Phenomenal Returns
57:10 Bitcoin Narratives and Use Case Maturity
1:11:50 How Bitcoin Changes the World Economy
1:47:44 On-Ramping No-Coiners to Hyper Bicoinization
1:50:40 Closing Thoughts
20:00:07 SSL Sign-Off

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30 gedachten over “Max Keiser and Bitcoin TINA – Swan Signal Live – A Bitcoin Show – E43”

  1. Lucky you americans! BTC here in Brazil is already @ 120.000. It takes at the moment TWO years of an avarage salary to buy 1 bitcoin.

  2. My buddy from Chicago said there's a tent city, in the Bucktown area of Chicago.
    That's a very expensive area of Chicago. {600k 2 bdr condos} He said you can see it, from the expressway which is like a mile away.
    That to me, was pretty alarming.

  3. Crypto Bitcoin IMO is going to get rid of all the massive corruption in government & business. The ability to make voting absolutely transparent and UN-corruptable will only strengthen the U.S.A.
    The truth, freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness and stability of the world economically and electorally will be saved and held to a new standard for all who want them.

  4. So what happens if BTC wins the world and becomes the reserve currency or is what all currencies globally will be pegged to?
    What does that look like for the average Joe? What is daily life like for a Joe when BTC tops out?
    Does it cripple some countries and or classes of people? Does it level the playing field for everyone? Does it destroy or save or both? Who wins and why? Who fails and why? If I own one BTC or 4 BTC does that make me a millionaire or possibly a billionaire within the next 10 to 20 years? 2140 is a long way away and we will all be long gone when the last Sitoshi is mined. Our great, great, great, great grandchildren will be living in either a world saved by Bitcoin or a world left to ruin because of Bitcoin (avoiding any natural disasters, meteors, super volcanos etc…) or because of those who want to destroy Bitcoin. The end game I believe is that BTC will become the reserve currency that all other currencies are pegged to, as I asked about above, and the reason why is because all fiat currencies will eventually die. I feel that for those of us who do not own any portion of BTC they will become the globally impoverished and will never be able to climb out of that poverty without help. How does the world create an equilibrium where the tide rises all boats so to speak? How do the poor or uneducated about BTC get involved so as to not be left behind? There are people who have inadvertently been forced to use BTC because of their country's current state of inflation and monetary debasement like the Nigerian people. They will become among the haves in a BTC future. Will those in the Western world who ignore BTC become the new poverty class globally no matter which country they hail from or live in?

  5. Max is the new George Washington! America will be reborn and made fair and powerful and beautiful by Bitcoin. Each government will come to realize you don't change Bitcoin, Bitcoin changes you.

  6. What if the banks tell the government to make Bit Coin illegal like Gold it will have no value except it will be numismatic and has no other value.

  7. Bitcion TINA envisions the deflationary nature of Bitcoin leading to the extinguishing of the availability of credit. Will that not stifle innovation? Innovation is born through risk-taking, which is subsidised through debt and further incentivized through an inflationary environment.

  8. do you mind if i write all this down in a sci-fi thriller and sell the movie rights to hollywood? i'll change the names of course to protect the innocent.

  9. From 1:18:00 to 1:18:50, Max is talking about how peace takes away fear. He's right about that, But he's very wrong about the source of peace. Someone could torture him and take his Bitcoin. Then where is his peace? Or, what happens to his peace when he dies? Bitcoin can't help him then. Jesus Christ is the only True source of peace. He gives eternal life to all who believe in Him. Nothing in the universe can take that peace away from me. Nothing. Life is like a vapor, here for a little while then vanishes away. Don't set your heart on the things of this world. (by the way, I do have Bitcoin, but it's not God)

  10. I know max hates ethereum and other alts, but ethereum and other alts have out performed bitcoin this year, 17x for eth vs btc 10.5x so far, so while bitcoin is still growing and there is still enough supply to buy from exchanges, wouldn't it be a wise move to speculate on these alts and transfer the profits into bitcoin to obtain more bitcoin than if you just bought as much btc as you could from the beginning of this bull run? Basically just utilizing alt coins to obtain more bitcoin.

  11. in the big short the system limped on longer than they anticipated. the tarts always go onlonger. gives us chance to board the lifeboat.

  12. The first hour of this show exploded my mind. And I was like well, maybe… and now here in late February I see Saylor is borrowing another billion and I'm like "Holy Shit!"

  13. I'm watching this 2021 April 20th. BTC just fell 20% from an ATH of $64,000-ish. It is now sitting at $56,475 @2:34pm CDT. Bitcoin is not going to be above $100K this year. He's crazy.

  14. GREAT show!! Came across this late, but what was shared was classic and timeless. What a blessing, to be here, now, on this amazing journey with Bitcoin.

  15. I was in utter disbelief, now that i see it I cannot unsee it…. But I am concerned that they may start a war or release something worst hat C0v1d, but wars cost money so maybe that isn't an option… I don't know. We are in uncharted waters heading west to the new world. I hope we have enough provisions and the wind doesn't quit!

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