30 gedachten over “Master PERFECT Sniper Entries when Trading (Chapter 1)”

  1. I see that you use H1 timeframe to trade. May I know how many days usually your trade hits the take profit point? I find it very difficult to keep my trade overnight because usually when at the end of market and during new market opening, the spread becomes haywire. It won’t respect the market structure that it previously created. So how do I handle this situation?

    And did you do trailing stop loss in your trading? I saw that you only move your stop loss to the next lower high in sell position but you didn’t move it according to pips or points so that you would gain larger profits rather than breakeven if you are being stopped out.

  2. scammer alert be careful guys he scam people on discord and telegram

  3. TY for your excellent job and patience teaching us 🙂

    Can you wich EMA do you use ?

  4. it's always so easy to have a narration after market is close and have results. this is like listening to john madden

  5. unless it's real time it's hard to believe but a narrator at this point

  6. all i can say bro is you are amazing
    ..i am a beginner and all you videos are well explained and i am motivated by you …thank you so much

  7. Bro u got that strategy from swaggy c, on swaggy C sniper entry video. Help this go viral to expose this clown, everybody go check out that video and he's doing everything he is doin

  8. how can i enter for a buy position if price has already passed that level? i dont understand

  9. This is what other YouTubers will sell you as a course ❤❤❤❤ but you have given it out for free

  10. Bro.. I admire your explanation.
    But how easy to interpret developed chart !
    You stop out many times with same teaching however risk is less than reward.
    Show us in real time market and take trade 10 days in a row with 80% accuracy.

  11. If you are not in the financial market space right now, you are making a huge mistake. I understand that it could be due to ignorance, but if you want to build generational wealth, and cultivate financial knowledge, you must be in the market.

  12. One question. I dont understand how you can be profitable if the price is going further down. You sell the first part when price goes below a certain level and then the second part to get out of the trade. If the first level is higher, than the second your profit would be higher in the first sell than in the second. Why do you draw then a take profit from the upside to the downside? I would really appreciate an answer.

  13. sorry i just dont understand how it becomes profit if the price collapses, (really new to trading and still learning)

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