Massive ADA Cardano News | Cardano News Today | Cheeky Crypto News Today

Massive ADA Cardano News | Cardano News Today | Cheeky Crypto News Today

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  2. A bear market would allow everyone to buy super low and get rich. I donโ€™t know why people hate the idea of the bear market. Bull markets make you money but Bear markets make you rich. It seems like big youtubers donโ€™t want regular folks to win.

  3. Thanks for the update Chris. Iโ€™m bullish on ADA in for the long term HODL ๐Ÿ˜„ looking forward to the courses.

  4. Got my first reward from the cheeky pool recently. Wish I had more ADA.

  5. Despite all the fabulous news surrounding ADA and VET, the coin that manages to have the most insane gains was the latest โ€œrug pullโ€.. Iron Finance broke the decoupling algorithm

  6. Do you have a video or instructions how to stake my ONE coins with you?

  7. Hello : I'm learning here. Wanted to ask you what Exchange you use to buy ADA ( Cardano ) ???? Thanks

  8. I just finished my first epoch with cheeky pool. Do you know why I only got about half what I have been receiving in previous epochs. The pool I lefts margin was 4% yours is 3%. So it should have been a little more? Do you have any idea why this is so?

  9. The issue tho is the fact that at first we will only be able to buy and sell, meaning if you buy from Nexo's platform you won't be able to withdraw to a staking address on deadalus for example. Buuut if your lvl of "loyalty" within Nexo is maxed, clients will get interest rates of 4.5 – 5 % APY payed out daily in kind.

  10. Cheeky! What do you think about WMT-project? Is it a good investment? Thanks!

  11. Chris!! My man. Look at you getting in the mix, doing a video without your partner. LOVE IT

  12. Lattice Exchange is a no brainer! Uniswap is built on Ethereum and thus requires people to stake ETH in a pool to support swapping. Everyone is hit with transaction fees at several steps in this process. It's complicated.

    Lattice Exchange, using Constellation to support swapping and cross-chain liquidity, will not be forced into variable gas/transaction fees at every step of the swapping process. In this example, people will use $DAG (feeless transactions for the transmitting) to support pools on Lattice Exchange (just like they do with Eth in Uniswap).

    Hopefully this is all becoming clearer to everyone.

  13. ADA not being locked up when staked is one thing i really like about it ๐Ÿ™‚ I personaly would not buy any stakeable crypto thats locked when staked.. It just doesnt make any sense to me.

  14. If Bitcoin donโ€™t move nothing else moves! Bitcoin control the crypto market! Cardona is just a lil brother trying to be cool. Keep pushing!!!!

  15. Check out (Meld) Defi launching on ADA that you can stake your ADA to receive Meld ISPO

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