30 gedachten over “Marker Tokens vs. Circulating Supply Token Flow in VeraViews”

  1. Please explain why it is necessary that the Marker Tokens are the same as the Circulating Supply tokens. Why not use Marker Tokens that are a completely different name? When I look at Coin Market Cap, it shows 110,356,466,695 max supply of VRA.

  2. VRA is very underrated. Granted, we are in a bear cycle, but the price should be 0.1 bucks by now 🙂

  3. Are the tokens put into escrow, then represented by marker tokens?
    It's not clear why the VRA token is needed in the Escrow accounts.

  4. Excellent explanation video. Please make more of them!

  5. Great "to the point" video! VRA makes more sense to me now. Please keep the info videos coming

  6. Great video, thanks a lot. Would love to see more video's in this style.

  7. So in simple english is vra max supply 10.3 billion? And the 90 b is only used for _

  8. Thanks great video. Had a good 10 minute nap VRA🚀🚀🚀

  9. Great video, so now it seems VRA tokens from the circulating 10b supply is actually used to fund the ad campaigns. So it now gives actual usage to the VRA tokens we hold, rather than just waiting for the team to buy & burn tokens. This is huge news!

  10. What a beautiful way to keep everyone in the LOOP of how things actually work, VRA is complex project so this really breaks down everything to pieces and it's great way to learn, Elliot sensational job on this, keep it doing love the idea of Verasity Academy.

    This project is doing all the necessary steps and all the right moves in these tough market conditions.

  11. Really happy to see this. Please continue in this manner, these simple updates are gold dust.

  12. Great video and super clear Elliot. Just a question, at 7:42 you said you buy VRA with 50k fiat gave by the company, what are you going to do with those 50k in Vra then? Are they going to be burned, staked or just hold in your wallets?

    Thank you

  13. Thanks Elliott. Looking forward to more content from this channel and how Verasity grows.

  14. Where can I get a better quality image of the supply flow? Difficult to see it clearly here and I'd like to make sure this isn't a "perpetual motion" device

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