LSD PEAK VISUALS | Psychedelic Acid Trip Simulation (short version)



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Music by Waywell “Tube Ambient Mix”

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Additional VFX by irreality
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30 gedachten over “LSD PEAK VISUALS | Psychedelic Acid Trip Simulation (short version)”

  1. Here's a nice short version for you guys. If you haven't already seen it, click here to see the full version of this trip simulation >>

    The support for this trip simulation has been unreal! Thank you guys so much. Please check out the full video and support the artists who helped make this production possible.

    For those who follow my instagram will know that we have some spectucalar content in the works. Make sure to hit that notification bell to be in the loop of future productions.

    Much love to all.

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  2. It seems like the video has multiple hidden subliminal with laughter to mask it😂

  3. pretty accurate but theres is almost no morphing in faces and steps

  4. Can I use these visuals? All credit given its top tier

  5. Ахаахаха, вы вообще пробовали это, вы бы не смогли пройти по этим улицам дальше чем 100 метров🤣🤣🤣

  6. This acid is kind of weak, things sort of melt into each other when i'm on the stuff in my area

  7. I wanna trip now 🤣 much love to anyone reading this ❤

  8. As a person who has done acid a lot of times, I can confirm, this is to 5% accurate.

  9. I’d say about 85% accurate with the colors and the high contrast, but the visuals are maybe 10% of the trip you can’t replicate the feels

  10. This is fairly close. For me the patterns are much smaller and the walls wave less dramatically, but the mindset is what makes it special, you feel as if you are connected with everything and sometimes feel like you know what life really is. It's fantastic!

  11. Thats some weak acid. I have seen trees and houses dance and bend sideways, become creatures from another world. My hands become skeletons and be reborn…

  12. Es más potente , todo es distorsión nada que las personas se ven mejor

  13. Imagine the trip is ending, how shit the world would look

  14. I took a first regular dose of acid today after having done mushrooms a few times before and my god is it different. The visuals and flowiness on everything is just soo diff

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