Litecoin vs Bitcoin vs NEM vs Ripple in terms of transactions (cryptocurrency)

I bought a Trezor with bitcoin on May 9 and the transaction got confirmed on May 11 (WTF!?). Meanwhile at Litecoin, Blockstream did the first instant transaction on Litecoin + Segwit + Lightning network.

In this video I am looking at these cryptocurrencies and their potential of practical use in our daily life

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  1. Upgraded GM with your code again, friend. Here's mine 32zTGt
    By the way, the reason GM is paying more lately is the fees. They are extremely high.

  2. Cryptocurrency Edutainment, why dont you pay a higher BTC miner fee?

  3. sir.. litecoin… Charlie Lee super honest people.. but don't u think others r ahead of the game.. eg. NEm… or does Litecoin has an edge over the likes of Dash… I mean Dash has got Amanda… very nice personality as well.. nd Dash caters to day today transactions.. even grandma wud be able to use Dash…. wat in ur opinion.. which 1 is better as currency use cases.. nd pls take into consideration those currencies that hv Business nd services implications…
    pls reply

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