Let’s Talk Multichain NFTs: Onboarding To PulseChain: With NFT Artist Spectral Mana

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Join Spectral Mana and I as we discuss her achievements in the NFT world and how her mints and artistic expression through NFTs have created a multichain paradigm of NFT communal collaboration!


So Mana, you have been a staple of the NFT Community on PulseChain, tell us about why you decided to mint your art on PulseChain out of all layer ones?

Mana, let’s discuss how many events you have coordinated and attended to promote NFT minting on PulseChain; you’ve been on many exhibitions, talk shows and performances showcasing your art, tell us about that.

Mana, many successful layer ones have an assortment of NFT projects built on chain, can you tell us about the diverse and dynamic NfT collections you’ve created on PulseChain, Chia and ETH?

Mana, given your experience and your multichain capabilities, why do you think it’s crucial for any layer ones to garner a multichain community like you’ve conceived of on the basis of your art?

Mana, how many NFTs have you sold on PulseChain, and does this prove that PulseChain has a vibrant NFT community even though there was a bit of resistant towards NFTs early on?

Mana, lastly, tell us about the future of your NFT art and how these mints and collections will assist in a multichain collaborative effort between different communities such as Chia, PulseChain and ETH?

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