KuCoin Lending Tutorial & Review (My KuCoin Lending Strategy)

laatste update: 08-2022

KuCoin lending tutorial – how to make crypto passive income on KuCoin with KuCoin lending. KuCoin lending allows for lending of USDT and all other big cryptos, you can turn on auto-lend My KuCoin lending strategy and KuCoin lending review and tutorial.

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0:00 Intro
0:39 Passive income on KuCoin
1:49 KCS Bonus
3:04 KuCoin Lending tutorial
4:46 KuCoin Lending tutorial (lending market)
6:34 KuCoin Lending tutorial (order details)
8:33 KuCoin Lending tutorial (settled trades)
9:48 KuCoin Lending tutorial (my strategy)
12:01 KuCoin Lending tutorial (why I only loan USDT)

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30 gedachten over “KuCoin Lending Tutorial & Review (My KuCoin Lending Strategy)”

  1. Question, why would someone borrow at 0.5% rather than 0.1%? I’m confused around that part since the highest interest rate is up to 2% daily

  2. When hacked how do you contact kucoin can't find a phone number any where .theres only robots ?
    customer service is a joke.

  3. I can't get my order to fill when trying to lend out my HBAR even at the lowest rate.. What am I doing wrong?

  4. can some one explain what does the table in the "USDT funding market" means?
    from my view, i see rate for 7 days usdt lending anywhere from 0.012% to 2%, DAILY. and there is a "total amount" on the right i dont understand what it means, are these the money waiting to be borrowed so they are sitting there? so lets say i want to (try to) lend 100 USDT at 3%, and it would appear on the right 3% daily and total amount of 100 USDT? waiting to be borrowed by some one??

  5. Why lend at 0.1% rather than the 2% daily ????
    How & why every youtube video i see on kucoin lending never see nor talk about those ???

  6. I have a Q: i'm on Kucoin right now. in the lending area under USDT if i scroll down the rates, at the very end it has an annual rate of 730%. how is that even possible? what am i missing? thanks.

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