Kibho crypto currency new updates today | kxchange apps launch | my needz

Kibho crypto currency new updates today | kxchange apps launch | my needz

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Kibho Cryptocurrency: An Introduction
Kibho is a platform that is licensed by the Indian government. The official name of Kibho is BMUU and Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd. The project got a license in India back in 2020โ€™s May. Andhra Pradesh-based Visakhapatnam is the place where Kibho Company is located. The platform is operated by a couple of directors. The names of Kibhoโ€™s operators are Nirmala Kilaparthi and Venkatrao Kilaparthi.

The platform introduced its separate crypto token Kibho cryptocurrency. At present, the crypto token is trading in the market at a value of up to INR1621.58. It is widely known that the value of the crypto tokens keeps on changing over time due to their volatility. In addition to this, Kibho also offers digital products including K Wallet as well as Exchange.


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