Kari Lake Makes HUGE Comeback #shorts

laatste update: 08-2022

Kari Lake Makes HUGE Comeback #shorts
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NextNewsNetwork.com Reports, The race in Arizona is going to shock the nation and shows one of the more dynamic candidates in the country taking on the political establishment and last night she looked like she was down. She is not down this morning and has roared back to victory with a lead of 12,000 votes.

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30 gedachten over “Kari Lake Makes HUGE Comeback #shorts”

  1. Too close my ass….more like dragging it out to try and cheat!! Man do we need to watch all the elections in November!

  2. Dirty masters demoncRATS still using voter fraud in Arizona. Lake had the lead 7 to 1 and Pinal County ran out of ballets! Something smells and it 8s the evil dems. They Stink!

  3. It's reassuring that mainstream disrespected miz Lake. Now we now she is really good for our country. 🤗🎶🥁 hell yeah

  4. Now they say Lake is losing m and the votes won't be done till 10pm on the 4th…more democratic cheating

  5. ! Shouldn't all women celebrate a woman winning? Guess not when she is a conservative! I love when Republican women win whether black brown or white!

  6. Let the Righteous prevail in this struggle to obtain the Privilege of Governance, over the Patriotic Peoples of the State of Arizona.

    (In laments terms, I predict that Miss Kari Lake will win the Primary Election ballot, as she seems to be part of the MAGA crowd, and MAGA Leaders must be elected, to put an end to the New World Order and the Liberals whom are orchestrating it.).

  7. Probably another election fraud. The Democrats like to pick the Republican nominee they think they can defeat with their candidate.

  8. Interesting considering Kari Lake donated lots of money too Obama campaign, campaigned for him flipping voters in Republican neighborhoods and spent a lot of time on those Obama photo Ops. Kinda makes me wonder why Trump endorsed an Obama acolyte, but I no longer think Trump bats for patriots and neither does she! What short memories you have, do some research!

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