Kadarius Toney RESPONDS to Darius Slay for saying THIS!

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30 gedachten over “Kadarius Toney RESPONDS to Darius Slay for saying THIS!”

  1. The eagles team need to stfu they lost simple…. if your qb doesn’t piss down his own leg y’all win y’all lost and now have to figure out how to pay your team

  2. Lmao JuJu ate them up in the 2nd half. Kelce did his damage in the first half. Not sure what Slay is smoking

  3. All that don't matter who got the 🏆🏆🤣 oh and we was bout to score again

  4. “Kadarius Toney clapped Eagles cornerback Darius Slay” 😏

  5. Slay got roasted by Philly media (Jakib Sports) for his comments.

    As an Eagles fan I concede the D didn’t show up in the 2nd half. Part of that is on the players part of that is on coaching.

    Still think JuJu is corny though. 😂

  6. Mahomes threw 3 wide open tds that game and slay said they had a field day 😂😂

  7. KC played smart I don’t think anybody looked at pat mahomes 180 and complained 🤦‍♂️

  8. That flag throwing Zebra deserved MVP.Although Mahomes’ crybaby display to entice the flag was academy award like.

  9. Darius slay didn’t lie tho kelce was the only thing effective for them winning

  10. Everyone knows the eagles were overrated. They didn't play anyone all year and the Chiefs could've blown them out if they wanted to run up the points.

  11. If you’re on the Eagles defense, there’s no way you should be talking any smack. You finally played a quarterback that was better than your quarterback, and could cars you apart on one leg. It’s funny that the office scored 35 points and they’re not talking but the Defense on the Eagles game of 38 points and they are jawing it up. And correct me if my math is wrong but touchdown touchdown touchdown touchdown touchdown and the field goal equals 38 points and it happened on your watch.

  12. Kelce & Pacheco was 90% of that offense lol Toney did nothing outside of a punt return, juju didn’t do anything but sell a bad call and the tds by moore and & Toney were 100% coaching. A OT could have scored on those play calls lol

  13. Every Chiefs player that got dissed , should all pose with those Superbowl rings on their Fingers .

  14. Travis Kelce is a big slow lump of flesh. I'm almost 60 years old and I could cover his slow ass

  15. I mean aside from the amazing punt return he was absent and to the narrator you know the touchdowns they were gettin besides kelce was all goaline end zones even tho defense is supposed to be more difficult its still easy to keep getting 1 or 2 yards you should know better BUT if you said the punt return and Pacheco help mahomes close out the game id agree just look over things before to just make bad takes

  16. Stop play with Mahomeboy name, da mans da baby Goat already

  17. Not to mention Mahomes didn’t need to throw for more yards since our run game was unanswered

  18. Didn't the cheifs run the same play twice and scored on both

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