JuJu SIGNS with the Patriots! Khalen gone, Buechele RETURNS

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30 gedachten over “JuJu SIGNS with the Patriots! Khalen gone, Buechele RETURNS”

  1. Ok…gettin rediculous. Are we keeping anyone? Hardman i think is done. Too injury prone. Ju ju was our best receiver …..seriously. this is how the chiefs reward production?

  2. What the heck juju was worth 33 million over 3 years, so many WR injuries you need depth at that position, this was not a smart move I don't care. I said they better not pay him 14-16 million a year but dang for 33 for 3 years ?? That's a great deal for juju, maybe they know they gonna get Dhop??

  3. Orlando Brown to the bengals, now Joe Burrow can rest easy knowing he wonโ€™t be sacked 4 times or more in every game.

  4. it sucks to lose guys after a super bowl win, I'll know we'll miss Frank and Saunders, they were dawgs

  5. I saw Kareem Hunt is still without a team. Put him as RB behind Pacheco. Screw it, go get Odell Beckham Jr. Hey, at this point, we need another receiver. I know it will cost a lot.

  6. I like toney but he has got to stay healthy and we just have not seen that

  7. If Toney can stay healthy he could easily be a number one receiver but he was injured twice for the Chiefs last season so I don't know.

  8. Damn chiefs turnin into cheapest team sounds like they donโ€™t wanna pay no one smh wat the hell are yโ€™all doin

  9. Damn! I wanted to keep Juju. I agree!! $33mil/3yrs is a good deal! Why couldn't we pay him that? I'm spying AT Perry, Rashee Rice, Mingo in the draft. Elite WRs are difficult to find. Good WRs are easy to find. Someone will emerge as a 900 yd WR. Trust the arm of Patrick Mahomes. Tackle should be our focus. Draft needs: T, WR, DL, (Edge)

  10. It sucks to see A LOT of these people go but I'm happy for their time with the Chiefs. I'm excited to see the new people and also Toney/Pacheco next season.

  11. Love thielen with a good contract. Very good hands and he will connect inmediately with pm15

  12. And Watson and Ross get ready yall bandwagon fans toney it gonna get just a bit crazy

  13. Bummed to see these guys go, but wishing them success. Looking forward to seeing what Veach has planned next.

  14. Disappointed that Juju did not think enough about his legacy and Chiefs Kingdom to go for being an all time great instead of chasing the bag. Makes his tiktok drama less tolerable. Grateful for him riding with team to Superbowl and thankful for his instrumental contributions. Still stings he would not chase greatness.

  15. Sucks losing Saunders he was a beast and would only be getting better I think. Hope we make some good moves for WR.

  16. I would have offered him 4 years 30 mill. 20 guaranteed.

    He left for the money, he'll be just like tyreek with one ring. He'll be sick if we win 2 more.

    Tbh stop signing these guys for 1 year, do 3 years when you have the leverage.

    You could have gave him 16 mill for 3 years last year.

  17. Didnt resign JuJu… Let all the other top guys go off the board… Veach restructures mahomes deal to free some space… Something else is in the works here

  18. Why fix it if it ain't t broken it worked out this year with all the changes but sometimes when you Gamble you crap out I hoping we making the right moves again

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