laatste update: 05-2022

John Karony Great interview at SXSW in Austin Texas Talking about Safemoon among other things including clean energy and the safemoon community!

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  1. SXSW???? WHAT? JOHN CARONY OF SAFEMOON? That is amazing. This guy is so plugged into the entire country. He is so far ahead of the crypto curve. He has some of the most creative, unique applications for Safemoon, blockchain, exchanges, wind turbines and everything crypto. His entire family is plugged into the Gambia and creating free energy for an impoverished population that has struggled with oppressive poverty. I LOVE THAT! God bless John and his dev team. I love listening to what he has coming down the road. This guy defines cutting edge. Exciting CEO of a crypto that will absolutely change the financial understanding of our world.

  2. Wow John did a fantastic job. I prefer him speaking openly instead of reading from a teleprompter.

  3. This is nice and I’m all for impact but this is some pie in the sky bs. The safemoon army are not philanthropists they are investors. We are not “donating” our money to lose 90% of its value “for a good cause”

  4. Love it! Great project great people.John looks so damn tired . Anyways I’m happy with the Safemoon family . Let’s keep our heads up and stay out of fuds way.

  5. Safemoon connect to help with donation to receive native token or convert to stable coin! 👀👀👀👀👀👀 That's wild

  6. So naive for John to think his safemoon holders invest to do good in the world. I bett 99% of us right now just want positive price and volume action for a change.
    How long before John begins to morph into Jeff Bezos before he too is punching holes in the sky to orbit the earth or having an entire historical bridge removed in order to sail his Super Yaht through it?

  7. Safemoon talks a good game while the wallet size you have gets depleted day after day after day. There's going to come a time when your bag will be worthless……

  8. Safemoon is a scam! Too many false promises! I lost over 85% on my Safemoon investment! It keeps going down! Totally bs

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