Jake Paul Safemoon law suite!! John karony class action lawsuit..? w/ bran shingleton

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  1. Safemoon wasn't rugged. Not even close. There was a migration from V1 to V2. I swear some people has the IQ of a dog.

  2. Yo why is the class action lawsuit on v1 lol I don't think they know v2 exist smh the price they mentioned has nothing to do with safemoon v2😂😂

  3. What I believe is going on is the fact that it’s a lot of behind the scenes work going on. Like they got a huge headquarters unlike most of these crypto coins ceos! I’m glad that Mandela was able to catch the error because who knows what could have happen. I think people is just disappointed in dates not meeting expectations but, I’m holding long term collecting reflections. Binance had many shitty news before their huge pumps so this is just the norm. We just see more FUD because more people is getting into crypto currency and bear market. JUST HOLD THE LINE AND THANK ME 2 years later

  4. Bro…. The article is literally about an individual whose mad for loosing money in a project and wants to get more than his money back. This is an investment, and if you bought because some rapper or wealthy YouTuber regardless if they got paid because you thought you would make millions of dollars you are the epitome of stupid. The defendant didn’t do his/her research on what was a meme token at that time, bought at the high and lost money. Every person who invests and puts a large some of money takes a risk. This will ultimately fail in court. This whole lawsuit is absurd. I bought at they high and dollar cost averaged down, and on two occasions have doubled my total investment. Though I didn’t sell I made a profit, they defendant is just dumb.

  5. Hey man, i like your opinion on this whole thing. There is a big lack of transparency on the project, and more and more people are investing because its getting more hype but i feel like the more people invest, the more the price goes down? And the thing that scares me the most, nobody from the SFM Core Team is goind to speak on those topics, they will just tell us " you have to be patient, you have to believe, or maybe theyll give us some puzzles again" and im really sick of this tbh… owning a few million safemoon because all of those praises and hype talking but honestly, if they dont start doing things the right way, i see this project dying, and it would be a shame for the team, im feeling really bad for all the people including me who put all their hope on those empty statements… ill give this a last chance, if they dont get things fixed, im done with sfm and ima get out even with profits…

  6. Do understand it refers also to failed SFM wallet. Shows this was done months ago 🤣 around the original release date lol.

  7. Every major company is being sued by someone for "unethical behavior" so if we were to ban using those companies product, where would we be??? Those cats will get paid in a settlement, investigation will disappear and this shit will pass and we'll move on. So chill out and ride the wave or sell your bag. Thanks for the reflection homie.. LOL

  8. Anyone can file a class action! Safemoon did open itself up to it, with so much noob plays and greedy team members…
    I am glad they threw out the trash. It should have been done sooner.

  9. Lol hopefully this will incentivize them to get their blockchain and exchange done ASAP to prove otherwise

  10. C’mon man..instructions to properly migrate to V2 where promoted from the beginning. If people lost money is bc they were either uninformed or misinformed and that’s on them.

  11. LOL old news old news just somebody's trying to start some fudding! Anybody in their grandmother to start a class action suit somebody does not like the time it's taking to Moon that's all. It's probably another exchange worried about safe moon taking over the industry.

  12. Way to help spread fud, it fine to report fud but you are falling for it and manipulating you listeners to believe it, to the bear pile with you

  13. Can’t see much happening of this class action honestly multiple very obvious blunders in their ‘facts’ regarding residency & where each person was when they tweeted.. a definite mistake is ‘Paul resides in calabasas California. Upon information the misleading statements alleged herein and published on various social media platforms by Paul emanated from California’ Paul had sold his Calabasas home in February 2021 prior to mentioning anything safemoon related and had become a resident of Miami Florida/ Dorado Puerto Rico with all his belongings having moved including vehicles so a very hard fought case that he was in California during the period

  14. Thank you for making the video I tried to talk about it on Twitter & a guy just understood me wrong & thought I was writing a lawsuit I swear some people just don’t even think they just act drives me so fuc*ing crazy everything is in the fall right now regular stocks and crypto

  15. Hey well thank you for clearing it up I didn’t read the whole paper and I thought that they did it on their own but if safe moon paid them that makes my hole mind change & I invested $1000 in it It's at $300 right now I gotta think if I want to get out or think that it’s gonna go back up

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