J-Fall 2017 Rhodé Reuijl Zwijnenburg – What can be done with Blockchain and Smart Contracts? in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

There is much to do about Blockchain these days. It may be the biggest technological innovation since the internet. Some say it is the solution to ‘almost everything’: the solution to corruption, the solution to be able to vote safely, anonymously and online, the solution for improperly spent money addressed to development aid and so on. But is it?

What exactly is Blockchain technology, and how does it work?
How is Blockchain realized using cryptography? What are the reasons for using Blockchain? And what are the reasons for not using it?

How do you make a Blockchain yourself? Which platform to use? What are Smart Contracts?

In this presentation the above questions will be discussed. A short demo of Blockchain in Multichain platform will be given. To demonstrate another platform a demo of how to program a Smart Contract for Ethereum in Solidity will be given. These two platforms are most common.