It’s Like Watching a Car Crash! | Max Keiser Bitcoin Interview

It’s Like Watching a Car Crash! | Max Keiser Bitcoin Interview

In this video, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert from the MAX & STACY REPORT, look at a video clip featuring a general from Southern Com

They point out that the US once again is looking to steal the resources from countries in Central America, pretending to be helping their “neighbours” from the south.

Max calls it a horror film and compares the general to Ted Bundy, the serial killer, trying to lure these countries into the car in order to “murder them”.

Max finishes by stating that the only solution for this rip off is Bitcoin because of its unconfiscatable nature.

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MAX & STACY REPORT [EP14] – Economic Liberty & Enlightenment 2.0 in El Salvador

Published on Aug 12, 2022

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  1. ⛔ WATCH OUT FOR SCAMMERS 👺Impersonating Me In The Comments:

    I will NEVER ask you to contact me, offer you business opportunities, ask you for money or give you any contact info. Please, DO NOT contact anyone in the comments impersonating me.

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  3. Nothing to be proud of the US's actions to our neighbors to the south, but are you seriously advocating for the CCP?

  4. Unfortunately this is the reality of the "poor countries" of this world. They're the richest in resources but they're all broke. Why? They've all been stolen. Sad!

  5. Who doesn't like free stuff? 😅 Doesn't mean you have to steal it though…

  6. What is elsalvador gonna do when USA has a spot etf on btc and the big money ballers roll in and start manipulating it just like the stock markets?

  7. The evil cabal puts a female (practiced experts at lying, manipulation, deception, disarming, alluring succubi) as their front-man to lure in the unwise.

  8. Uncle Sam is eyeing resources worth trillions of dolarés still IN the ground . . . lithium, rare earth minerals, gold, silver, tin, oil. They are NOT going to waste time confiscating bitcoins from El Salvador or any other S. American country. Just too miniscule.

    Keiser's storyline is waaay off logic.

  9. Appreciate you for speaking the truth. It's time for all governments, 1%ters , elite, central bankers, leaders, presidents and whoever else out there trying to control our lives to disclose everything as the truth will set u free. We the people will unite under the right conditions. Wake up people and buy bitcoin before the 1% take control of it.

  10. She means the hood controlled by war,death and lies of the deep state

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