Is Verasity (VRA) Crypto Set to 10X With Proof of View?!

Verasity is a crypto token that is working in the crypto gaming esports industry, ad fraud prevention, and elimination NFT fraud! Verasity crypto has a in depth whitepaper, roadmap, and a transparent team in my opinion. Upon viewing their whitepaper, Verasity aims to defeat advertisement fraud through their US Patent Proof of View system that uses AI and other touchpoints to detect if a view is actually a real human or a bot! This is a large problem in the industry right now causing advertisers to not want to waste money affecting content creators who earn revenue of ads. Verasity offers a solution to help solve this problem! Watch the full video to learn about VRA!

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Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice!

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0:00 : Intro
1:10 : Price History & Markets
1:48 : VRA Mission
3:40 : Current Ad Problem
4:40 : Proof of View
5:40 : Website Breakdown
7:00 : Esports
7:39 : AdTech
8:16 : NFT Fraud
8:53 : Roadmap
9:33 : My Opinion

7 gedachten over “Is Verasity (VRA) Crypto Set to 10X With Proof of View?!”

  1. I know the VRA community is huge and very loyal. I may pick up some and DCA.

  2. I only hold 21000 at the moment. Def buying more. Just waiting for a price drop to load my bags.

  3. "adver-tiss-ment". Great vid though. The most thorough breakdown I've found yet.

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