is VeChain VET about to PUMP?

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30 gedachten over “is VeChain VET about to PUMP?”

  1. Thanks alot for your insights mate, much appreciated content. Am wrecking my brain waiting around to make a buy order…when we hit 1.5 i was like "perfect, been waiting for this for donks" but now i see it very differently due to recent SEC BS etc etc…am waiting waiting waiting…maybe it's time to start DCA'ing, not something i've ever really done, especially with VET.

  2. Is vet coin dead? Or is it low potential coin ? Some People saying it doesn’t make ATH what’s going on ?? What’s the real thing ??

  3. It’s too much undervalued already in that it’s dumping heavily from few days .Doesn’t it pump back? What’s wrong with vechain it’s disgusting for vet holders

  4. Probably nothing 0:51, But I think Presales are the way to go, I just got some Winptoken.

  5. 0:45 I just got in the WinpToken presale before it blows up I have trust in this projects.

  6. WinpToken is generating some serious excitement. Happy to See the comments agree.

  7. Look I know everyone is on Winp token's Presale, can someone tell me where to find it?

  8. Should we agree that the Winp Token Presale is on Fire right now.

  9. Finally, WinpToken's presale is live. Took a while, but I'm glad it's here.

  10. Vechain continues to grow its business worldwide. It will go up again, 24/25 should see some great gains

  11. Funny How you have turned around with your Thumbnails, More Click Bait, still your content continues to be, whilst mainly bearish, ultimately well informed and balanced, VECHAIN is one very tricky and unknown entity, will it or wont it? much like ADA

  12. I love these VET updates! Pls continue to update us on Vet❤

  13. I am an admirer of your channel though you must deep closer at the daily transactions of VeChain. They are simply underperforming, I am afraid they have already outdated technology which other newer blockchains specialised in that niche, supply chain, are doing better

  14. Feels like a great time to be a vet holder! Right now my bags are filled 👌

  15. Im keep buying, going for a million vechain and hope price go to 0,008 👍👍 people need to understand they get rich when they are buying low

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