Is the Justyn Ross hype ENOUGH? A 53-man roster projection!

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0:00 – Quarterback
1:15 – Running Back
2:11 – Wide Receiver
4:20 – Tight Ends
5:22 – Offensive Line
6:05 – Defensive Tackle
6:22 – Defensive Ends
6:41 – Linebacker
7:05 – Cornerback
8:00 – Safety
8:54 – Specialists

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30 gedachten over “Is the Justyn Ross hype ENOUGH? A 53-man roster projection!”

  1. What's up legends! Let me know your thoughts on my way too early 53 man roster project that includes: 3 Quarterbacks, 4 Running backs, 6 wide receivers, 4 tight ends, 10 offensive linemen, 4 defensive tackles, 5 defensive ends, 4 linebackers, 5 cornerbacks, 5 safeties and 3 specialists! Where do you disagree currently? I say currently because we all know much can change from now to cutdown day!

  2. One more day of school for me and it’s summer and then the grind starts πŸ’―πŸ€πŸˆπŸ”₯πŸ˜ˆβ˜„οΈ

  3. I think maybe 1 less OL and one more WR may make the team. I really wanna see both Ross's make the team. James too tho. Gonna b tough. And this why KC don't need dhop. Honestly maybe one less RB too and 8 WR in such a pass heavy O. Really how KC should roll

  4. Hey Coles the man I like his style, if he don't know, he just tells you.

  5. We all saw the Clemson championship game 2 years ago ross lit it up. If he can stay healthy and come close to that player he's making this team.

  6. That is a great linebacker room. Defense could be a killer this year.

  7. Thank u for all u do Cole, your video's are what I look forward too at the end of the day. This feels about a 1 year anniversary as to when I found your channel:) thx again. HOW BOUT THOSE CHIEFS!!!

  8. Where did you get the shirt you're wearing in this video?

  9. Nice only thing I would change is 9 o linemen. They don’t need 4 swing tackles. Prince out. Ceh gets traded they only go with 3 rbs. Jack crochane is in . And that last spot coming down to justyn Ross/naz Johnson

  10. I would say your prediction is pretty good, I don't think I could do any better myself

  11. N. Johnson will make it.
    Dave Toub said he was looking forward to the 2nd yr guys on ST especially Johnson as he said he was the best gunner in the league at the end of the year.

  12. Dude justyn Ross is our wr3 and we move on from mvs after this season I way in hell he’s not making this team

  13. Whatever way this 53 man roster goes, I feel great about it. All these players are studs and I can’t see a way our team could mess it up.

  14. I think Blake Bell is the biggest risk in any group. Forston has surpassed him as a run blocker. i expect only 3 TE active with a couple on the practice squad.

    At WR, it feels like they want Justyn Ross. to me the weak links in WR are MVS and Watson. But zero chance they get rid of both veterans given the cap situation. Maybe trade one to free up cap space or trade Justyn which is unlikely but could be why the hype. I'm expecting an IR designation to a WR in camp to free up a spot.

  15. It didn’t look like Ross was in full stride so very doubtful that his defender was struggling to keep up.

  16. Cole can you make a video in depth of the offense and possibly one of these best chiefs defense coming into 2023 season?

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