Is Binance the Next FTX? ($BNB to 0?)

After FTX collapsed, everyone’s been worried about the largest crypto exchange out there: Binance. We’ve been asking and dissecting them, wondering if they’ll collapse like FTX and if their token BNB will head to $0 like FTT did. In this video we’ll dissect all things Binance and BNB and answer that fateful question: Are they the next big crypto exchange to collapse?

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30 gedachten over “Is Binance the Next FTX? ($BNB to 0?)”

  1. Interesting video, yet it will be more productive to mine in the Utopia p2p ecosystem.

  2. have difficulties to understand how bitcoin settlement works.

    May someone here help me clear the confusion?

    For example,


    Bitcoin Option:

    Expiry: 2023/01/06

    Strike Price: 14000


    Here is what I was told "the crypto option /BTC is considered a futures contract".

    What I have found is that BTC-6JAN23-14000-C can be settled before expiry.

    For example,

    I can see BTC-6JAN23-14000-C is settled today (2022-12-28T02:00 CST) even though the expiry is 2023/01/06.

    Question> When I see BTC-6JAN23-14000-C is settled, what does it really mean?

  3. i think BnB will be okay as their business model are different

  4. binance stood for 14 billions in one week.

  5. very good video, imho binance would be left standing but be a ghost of itself. use binance to trade, coinbase to store, ledger to hodl, metal for those 24 words, gold for plan b

  6. Tired to explain why but all I can is binance will not go bankrupt . .

  7. Did you get your shorts lined up before this video? You did put out a video teaching people how to short. Am I wrong?

  8. Lots of red flags. Not saying they not legitimate and i hope they are. We need to be wide awake. Ftx was a lesson

  9. Bro, binance is totally buying back their bnb, 220 hasn't been broken…yet, when it does…flush it.

  10. I try not to have too much confidence these days, but withstanding a multi billion dollar bank run made me feel better about Binance.

  11. BNB very strong, and CZ will be prepare for all insident attacked of BNB or FUD, pepare from past day maybe

  12. Agree. Binance are registered in countries but not as a financial organization. very strange.

  13. It's important for Binance to survive and thrive. Hopefully CZ is running the company properly.

  14. If your still in Binace, multiple what you have with 0. You end up with 0. Take your loss and move on no good can come from this.

  15. I can only warn against Binance. My Binance Card account has been hacked and illegally charged repeatedly by an unknot Streaming Service with around 200.- USD. I could only stop further illegal acces to my funds by cancelling my Binance card. I have not received any response from Binance to my complaint. I also have no other way to get my illegally debited values back. I'm just saying, hands off Binance. Anyone who deposits money on Binance and loses it for any illegal reason, has absolutely no protection and cannot hope for help from Binance. There is also no legal address to turn to. Be warned!

  16. I also think Binance is a ponzi scheme, in fact I believe that investing in a safe way is only with hardware wallets

  17. BNB to $12,000 by 2029… This is like Google or Apple of Crypto.

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