Is ANKR About To Breakout? ANKR Price Prediction & Update | Cheeky Crypto

Is ANKR about to breakout? ANLR price prediction and ANKR price update.

Today we’re going to share our ANKR price prediction for the month of May. We also take a look at ANKR on the daily, 4 hourly and hourly charts and give our ANKR price update on the current position. Is ANKR about to breakout?

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In this ANKR cryptocurrency video we take a look at the latest ANKR crypto news and see what has been happening in the Cryptocurrency space in the last 24 hours.

00:00 Intro
01:07 ANKR Technical Analysis – Daily Chart
03:07 ANKR Technical Analysis – 4 Hour Chart
04:10 ANKR Technical Analysis – 1 Hour Chart
05:08 ANKR Technical Analysis – Summary
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  2. Let them sleep on this tech we know time is going to be are main source. I believe in this.

  3. I’ve been in crypto for 4 years
    I put all my eggs in Ankr basket
    I see a great potential as it’s a great project and this is easily will be above 1 and then much more
    It will go down and up for a lil period of time and then it will go up to the moon
    Most importantly when the shit is over with doge coin
    Mark my words
    You will see 1 something Ankr then all the way up

  4. Dogecoin has a very solid use case, and any channel tearing down subjectively tearing down one coin to hype another coin loses credibility and viewers.

  5. Always solid solid information gentleman. Regarding Doge I think that’s kind of a cultural symbolism regarding that which juts resonated with its buyers. It represents an underdog if you will and also something friendly like well a doggie which for Americans I think again that really resonated with us. As odd as it seems I don’t think it’s more complicated then that. Curious though as to where it goes in the near future 🤷‍♂️🧐✌️💯👌👍

  6. Still waiting a month and a half later for said breakout… I just want to see small gains. Like to $0.20 would make me really happy…

  7. If we hit 30c we will get way more attention and 45c will come quickly

  8. Oh my gosh guys.. "lets get into it" is a term used by youtubers for so long its so so so annoying. These people say the SAME things!! Anything else we can come up with outside of a drawn out leeeetss geeeet intoooooo iiiiiiiiit!!!!!

  9. Remember how Polygon MATIC traded sideways forever… then exploded. ANKR will get it's turn, pack your bags!

  10. Have sold some huge bag of Matic at very early stage and bought this scrap. Daamn today matic is nearing to 2$ and we are not even .5$.

    One of the worst decision that I have ever made is to invest the on this shit.

    Daamn this people make every weeks with some huge announcement. But thier value always sucks 😡😡😡🤬

  11. It would be nice if you would give us prices instead of “702” or “618”. We need to know what price you are actually referring to.

  12. ankr to the moon'
    sadly doge might make to be the hated usd so we may use it most
    doge will never like hit 10 bucks but people get hurt in every stock or crypto

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