Is A Cardano Stake Pool Worth It? ADA Passive Income Cryptocurrency

In this video, we discuss the differences between running a stake pool and delegating to a stake pool. We also take a look at the Shelley Incentivized Testnet calculator to get a better idea of the returns you can expect from both options. #Cardano #Shelley #crypto

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30 gedachten over “Is A Cardano Stake Pool Worth It? ADA Passive Income Cryptocurrency”

  1. is a 1060 ti good enough for mining as a stake pool operator?

  2. Great video and of course the combination of amazing websites to make money. This is really commendable. You have put in great efforts here I hope people utilize the great opportunities offered here…. I know how difficult it was for me especially when I had to do a lot of these things for myself… Truly there's nothing as good as having a credible Broker to manage your accounts for YOU especially as we all wait to hit the $15,000 mark in the market……… The time is now.

  3. Can you make a tutorial on how to make a stake pool and the skills to operate one ?

  4. Hi great info… You have to look into bidao ico defi on binance chain. 30 percent staking til November and just partnered with chainlink and few others.This can be 100 x or 1000 .grt

  5. If I am being honest, as a first watch I still don't grasp the rewards and costs. What does it cost daily and how much of your rewards are given back to those delegating to your pool? I should ask, how much more do you earn for running a pool versus staking to one?

  6. Just curious…nooby question…but if you stake a crypto ..does it stay at the same price you staked it? :p

  7. I dont uderstand when use Daedalus and have relations with Stake 7 Julio or 29?

  8. I bought my first bag of $ADA from #MXC Exchange it is very good place to buying all Crypto 🙏🤑

  9. Isnt there already hundreds of same kind of crypto reward systems that doesnt lead to any sensible profit? How come this is different?

  10. Really. Kaizen. How may people own 100000, probably less then .2%. SO. its my opinion that 10,000 would be a more real number.
    This being said I can Extrapolate 10,000. This in now way a place im going yet. Im running a theta node. making Tfuel,, 400plus a month. But I needed help for that.
    Ive been speaking w friends and work mates, as of July 19th. in two years ive had two people ask about cryptos, so who are u taking to.
    I work in healthcare smart people, who give me the DEATH STARE.. What is That they ask.. Oh I don't trust that stuff they say.
    and u are using 100000 as an example. U are talking to .01% if that of the population. I LOVE this space, but im not a C++ code IN ANY WAY Guy.

  11. Is there anyone who have tried? How's the number is it exactly lower or higher than the calculator?

  12. What stake pool i shoul chouse ? is delegation staking ? i go to stake pools and than i chouse a room and i click delegate ? thanks

  13. So do i have to be online all the time ? in order to stake ? so connected to Daedalus ? 24 hours..thanks man

  14. I still dont understand, do operators or stakers make more? Were those the total ada created by the pool or was it what the person who made the pool is making???

  15. If i delegated cardano in to other stake pool, i need run my cardano daedalus wallet all time?

  16. Love Cardano and the mission. I AM concerned about the centralization we're witnessing before our eyes though, in terms of the dominant stake pools (whales + institutional capture of stakers such as Binance). These dominant players earn more ADA, use the ADA as pledge to build more pools, which attracts more stakers and so it goes….

    Just reading a little, it seems like many solid 'little' stake pool operators are sidelined, and many potential stake pool operators (like me) are disincentivized to become a SPO. This is likely to lead to the centralization that crypto is meant to avoid…. (on a philosophical note, the technically savvy, 'hustling' entrepreneur in the developing world is going to experience substantial difficulty in terms of trying to attract stakers and pledging directly). Sure there's workarounds such as combining pools, etc. but it's still a workaround. Anyone ever questioned the need for staking in the first place? Is setting up an adequate node not sufficient for the system? Algorand is similarly flawed with a 'weighted' lottery to those holding Algos.

    p.s. I'm likely to paste this elsewhere in the hope of an answer to please don't flame me!

    p.p.s. I'm sure this discussion is ongoing elsewhere – would be grateful for links!

  17. Hi! I would like to know if its still profitable now in Feb 2021? Planning to start one.

  18. it was in 2020… try this year and let me know. most people delegate to influencers saturated pools… its not easy
    today 100,000.00 ADA is more than 100k dollars…

  19. Quick question Kaizen, when we say running the protocol 24/7, it means the computer should be one 24/7 as well to run the protocol?
    if so, do you personally do that with one computer or do you have 2 computer to run the protocol and switch it on on each computer for 12 hrs a day? my concern is if i constantly run the computer without resting, it will be worn out quicker. Thank you 🙂

  20. Yes! Got your sweatshirt! Best design! Would love to see you charles hosk quote on a shirt or sweatshirt. Js

  21. Does your cardano node PC stress the CPU? will ryzen stock wraith cooler be fine?

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