IOHK | Charles Hoskinson: Third-Generation Blockchains

Charles Hoskinson, CEO at blockchain research and development company IOHK, will be talking about third-generation blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin was the first generation blockchain; Ethereum was the second. Now we are entering a 3.0 phase, where features such as scalability, interoperability (side chains), treasury systems and on-chain governance play key roles.

Hoskinson is a well-known figure in the blockchain space. One of the original founders and the initial CEO at Ethereum, he eventually went on to establish IOHK with Jeremy Wood, another Ethereum veteran.

IOHK is distinguished by its close ties with academia. Among the company’s more than 100 workers are researchers and developers located at universities across the globe.

A special group at IOHK called “the Grothendieck Team” has several developers devoted to Ethereum Classic, a project that resulted from a split in the Ethereum blockchain after the DAO hack.

But a larger portion of the company’s efforts goes toward developing Cardano, a cryptocurrency and smart contract platform that launched in October.

Written in Haskell, Cardano emphasizes peer review and formal methods as a way to produce high assurance software. Its core protocol is Ouroboros, a provably secure proof-of-stake algorithm for reaching consensus on the next block in the chain.

Eventually, Cardano will compete with platforms like Ethereum and Tezos.

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30 gedachten over “IOHK | Charles Hoskinson: Third-Generation Blockchains”

  1. Everything Chucky touches goes parabolic. I missed out on ETH but scored on ADA, and have high hopes for ETC and CLO this year

  2. jees. i've just become a cardano and charles hoskinson fanboy. underneath all the sophisticated technology is a vision for a better society with checks and balances. Cardano seems so much greater than a crypto, its a political revolution. When Charles said they picked they plan on being bigger than the big banks of the western world to force them to use a better system, I cheered too. Wow.

  3. this is all so overhyped, all the blockchains. I think too many people who wants just easy money without working too much, programs or clones these criptos. This would be bigger and more mainstream if talented normal programmers were the norm here. I will make a cripto from scratch, will use my weekends, remember me, anyone can do it, lol. Fourth generation it will be.

  4. How will the implementation of the lightning network for Bitcoin impact Cardano if at all?

  5. Hello IOHK! great channel and video! I knew about IOHK since 2016 when ETH was split and ETH Classic was born! ADA with smart contracts just like DeepOnion (privacy coin) will do too! 2 big projects!! And privacy coins are on the rise!

  6. I sugest to orgenaise big video conference on Cardano chanel youtube, every couple days. And dont't waste a time for traveling around the world and just really focus on the job with a team. With full respect I'm a Cordano holder and I really belive in this project not only for money!!

  7. Sick of listening to media know-nothings squawk vacuously about blockchain? Watch this to be inspired and excited about future direction of crypto. It's a relief to see Charles grabbing the reins.

  8. Every time I listen to Charles, I feel a little smarter.

  9. 52:10 Charles addresses a question that leads him to discuss differences between the West, Asia, and other parts of the world.

  10. Oh don't worry about the bloated storage issue … nothing to see here, shard, store, prune one day someone might actually do one and ROFL will ensue. Meanwhile multi-layer protocols are going to ravage your "better" projects.

  11. 54:05 Please be careful, brother. I believe in everything you say. You are definitely scaring some people who are quite fond of their rigged system!

  12. That there are only 18k subscribers tells me I am WAY early to the party

  13. Watching this video in 2022, still amazing and Cardano is growing very fast

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