Introducing Daedalus 1.0.0 – installation guide

laatste update: 08-2022


We are very proud to announce the release of a brand new version of Daedalus, our mainnet wallet. Here’s how to install it.

Daedalus 1.0.0 is a huge upgrade, the first release to take advantage of recent Byron reboot improvements, including a completely re-engineered Cardano node and Cardano wallet, the core backend components of Daedalus. It also integrates feedback and improvements from the first releases in our new Daedalus Flight user testing program.

Daedalus 1.0.0 brings significant performance enhancements to Daedalus, including advancements in stability, reliability, and performance. Users on all platforms should see improvements in connection, blockchain synchronization, and wallet restoration speed, as well as reduced memory usage.

Daedalus 1.0.0 also brings new features, including background blockchain synchronization, a wallet import feature, mandatory spending passwords, support for Yoroi wallets, a transaction filtering function, a new update mechanism, and redesigned, faster wallet restoration with support for parallel wallet restoration.

Head over to the official Daedalus website to download:

Make sure you always download Daedalus only from the official website. Please, be vigilant and do not download it from anywhere else! To be extra sure that you are downloading a genuine product, please follow the verification instructions from the Daedalus website.

To learn more about IOHK and our work:

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Meet the team:

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We are always looking at how we can develop and improve Daedalus further. To get involved in our new users testing program, please visit the official Daedalus website at
and click the ‘Flight’ tab.

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  1. You have made it where I cannot access my ADA coins without upgrading my computer to Windows 10. I wish to open the old wallet and transfer my coins out but cannot.

  2. sir, I downloaded the wallet and send some ada to it. Is it enough to receive rewards, what is the next step? I am a beginner please help me.

  3. after installing this wallet by integrating my previous Daedalus account, and also synching the blockchain in the new wallet , could we uninstall the previous Daedalus? And the new wallet should be Shelly compatible, right?

  4. for linux i get a .bin file and it goes into text editor and downloads stuff, i didn't get the app on it. Im running ubuntu 20.04.

  5. My kid somehow forgot her spending password for Daedalus wallet before she could steak here ADA, who can we reach out to?

  6. FOR WINDOWS: I found the solution, maybe what doesn't allow Daedalus to connect is windows defender. go to "allow an application through Windows firewall" check if it has connection permissions, if not add them, if you don't know how, watch a tutorial, it's very simple! I hope it works for you. it worked for me.

  7. The wallet just don't want to install on my system, every time I try I just get an error. and now I'm reading the Cardano I had is probably lost from when it forked and i never reclaimed,.

  8. Cannot even down the app from the website. Its been under maintenance for a long time now. Do we have an ETA on when will the new version be released?

  9. How can I move all the Data from the Daedalus wallet to my D Drive inside of my C Drive on windows? I have SO much available space on my D Drive, but can't even open the Wallet anymore because of lack of space on the C Drive.

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