Internet Computer(ICP) Coin Ecosytem, Staking, Dapps, Defi and the Metaverse

Tonight we are doing a follow up of our previous video when we 1st showcased the Internet Computer Ecosystem and everything that it had to offer. But mind you, this was when i was still green about the IC and now that I have Dived into this amazing project and very active Ecosystem by developers and inquiring minds alike. So let’s have some fun and deep dive into all Things ICP

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Contact info and resources for ICP
ICP website:

Disclaimer; For entertainment purposes only not financial advice at all and always do your own research before investing your money into Cryptocurrencies of any kind you can lose money if you don’t understand what the market is doing.
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  1. Woah, ur videos rock! What about SparkWorld tho? I wanna join them more and more… Revolutionary NFT Ecosystem & Launchpad built on Avalanche.

  2. I absolutely will follow u. Hope to see your thought on Enegra next time. Your idea is the only thing I'm waiting for to buy some $EGX.

  3. appreciate for the new video! But could ya give your opinion on Fulbo Galaxy? I'm an financier here, and I'd like to understand if I'm doing it right.

  4. it's always a pleasure to watch you! But I'd like to watch a video about BeaRex. This product is too underestimated.

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