Internet Computer Protocol NEWS! $ICP Crypto Price Prediction!

$350 per ICP? Today we will be talking about Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). What it is, and a possible price prediction for the future!

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8 gedachten over “Internet Computer Protocol NEWS! $ICP Crypto Price Prediction!”

  1. icp , trzymam bardzo rozwojowy , jak internet kilkanaście lat temu.

  2. Discovered ICP in March of 2023 researched it for over 200 hours, bought 3,000 at 5.50 staking it for 17mths should earn an extra 10% in time for the next bitcoin halving bull run. Imo, not enough is talked about Dominic Williams(CEO), he collaborated with Vitalik Beutrin(ETH), Gavin Wood(DOT) Charles Hoskins(ADA) in the early days of Ethereum 2014 Dominic was responsible for creating the Threshold Relay System that Ethereum uses today. One of the most brilliant Cryptographer Scientist in the world a true crypto OG, when Eth creates Eth 2.0 it will interconnect with ICP, giving both a price boom.

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