Internet Computer Protocol: ICP Is Going To Zero?

Internet Computer Protocol Coin: ICP Is Going To Zero? – Crypto Technical Analysis and Price Prediction

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14 gedachten over “Internet Computer Protocol: ICP Is Going To Zero?”

  1. Icp – Btc integration is in June/July 2022….your candle is claptrap mate

  2. Looks like its a multi year down trend. It will get tired of dropping eventually.

  3. did you wanna make a bet with me,i will give you 1000$ if icp going to 1$,you will give me 1000$ if icp go to 50$ ?

  4. You forgot to mention that all market is almost 80% doen, so icp is in trend with the other coins….. Icp will be for sure 1$ when btc will be 3k… So is just blood în the market…

  5. It's at 1 percent of ath. You would think it's a heavy buy right now. Will this coin ever come back

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