Internet Computer (ICP) Will EXPLODE SOON! Internet Computer Price Prediction 2021 & ICP News

Internet Computer (ICP) Will EXPLODE SOON! Internet Computer Price Prediction 2021 & ICP News
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Internet Computer known as ICP is a revelation in the internet industry. Its prices have been swinging wildly since its launch amid its high future speculations. Will ICP touch the $1000 valuation in the future?

Internet Computer is a secure, decentralized, and cost-effective blockchain network that aims to expand the functionality of the Internet. Launched on May 7th, 2021, under Dfinity ownership, It’s housed in a network of machines distributed around the world and is being put to work running the next generation of mega-applications—decentralized versions of Uber, eBay, Facebook, and many more.

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12 gedachten over “Internet Computer (ICP) Will EXPLODE SOON! Internet Computer Price Prediction 2021 & ICP News”

  1. How is their price going to possibly increase?? Aren’t they being sued??

  2. Bro u have some good videos. Keep up the good work.
    Do a vid on Solana.. make me buy more lol

  3. They are getting sued for dumping tokens, dropping the price. VC made money out of this project

  4. Its not possible for ICP to reach 1,000. Everyone who holds Solana, Polkadot, Uniswap, etc all think that it will explode to 1,000 but there is not enough in the cryptospace to support this market cap. Also, there is a class action lawsuit filed against Dfinity in California. This coin is not all that seems, I implore you to read up about it. People will lose money if they invest in this "asset." This is not a joke, the coin is super inflated. There are 471.5 million coins minted but only 136.9 million in circulation

  5. Already invested in ICP , and I don’t wanna hear about nothing else . All in ICP .

  6. Icp is the Daddy of all cryptos without a scintillating doubt….don't look at the depressing coin price at moment but think about the magnitude usefulness of icp in the future….I start accumulating @£12. Per coin, the more it goes down the better for me….Icp is another making of BTC in 2009

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