Internet Computer $ICP – What Price to Buy? $1 or $3?

Internet Computer $ICP – What Price to Buy? $1 or $3?

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What price should you consider buying $ICP?
Is $ICP so amazing what is it really worth?
How low will it go?
Always look at Tokenomics before buying any token
Look at Gala and Mryia games, look how unlocks have impacted them.
Look at GALA what and avoid these issues these hyped up gaming tokens have –
We review Internet Computer Charts and see the impact of the unlocks of vested tokens have had.
Emissions of the tokens is the most important thing to look at, but most youtubers don’t mention it in their videos.
Look at circulating supply and transactions –

Use these tools to make sure you won’t get diluted –

People are saying just DCA, you can do what you like but always look at the data first. If you see unlocks like many stocks or tokens have history shows the token will most likely go down.

Please keep in mind I am not a financial advisor, and this video isn’t financial advice in any shape or form. All things said in this video are only my own personal opinion. Therefore, before buying anything or making other financial decisions you should always do your own research.

16 gedachten over “Internet Computer $ICP – What Price to Buy? $1 or $3?”

  1. It's always a good time to buy ICP….lol.. Love your content, just subscribed.

  2. If you're interested in the gaming angle, I would look into Neoxa.

    If you're taking requests, I would be curious to get your thoughts on Link (especially after their recent longform Bankless interview).

  3. here is how i bought, 2 coins at 2.92, 5 coins at 2.99, 30 coins at 3.19, 50 coins at 3.25. thats it. im not rich

  4. This is a great video. I love icp as much as the next person but we definitely need more level headed approach to accumulating while these unlocks are ongoing

  5. unlocks does not mean they will dump the whole lot.

  6. You forgot that ICP holds 90% of the coins. The risk is crazy to much with a 99,6%🔻

  7. Check the chart every 10th of the month this year….. price is NOT affected by the token releases. Look at January 10th, price went up for weeks. It's only 0.74%, it doesn't impact price. Price goes down cos it's a bear market. Bull market likely in 2024 will cause price to go up. Simple crypto cycles.

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