Internet Computer ICP-USD: Elliott Wave and Technical Analysis on 15th Dec 2022

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Elliott Wave Technical Analysis for [market name] by Lara Iriarte CMT.

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9 gedachten over “Internet Computer ICP-USD: Elliott Wave and Technical Analysis on 15th Dec 2022”

  1. Could you revisit RIOT (I believe you analyzed that one about six months back)? Thank you.

  2. how about bitcoin. None of these alts will move until bitcoin bullish.. why cover these ?

  3. Was icp a victim of a ftx pump and dump scam i believe it's a solid project

  4. Lara I have an Elliott wave count that considers the end of wave 1 at cycle degree occurred in November of 2021. This assumes an extended wave 1 at primary degree was completed in November of 2013. Wave 3 at primary degree was completed in December of 2017, which has a perfect curved look as you say is typical of a wave 3. Lastly Wave 5 at primary degree would have completed in November of 2021, implying a wave 2 correction at Cycle Degree is now underway. This meets all Elliott Wave rules and fits the macro economic situation much better as we seem to be at the end of the debt SuperCycle. Another supporting piece of evidence would be placing a Schiff pitchfork at the beginning of the price history, connecting to the top of Primary 1 and to the low of Primary wave 2. You'll notice that price has recently fallen out of this pitchfork. I'll post this on your next video as well, with hopes that you'll see this and consider this option. If you'd like me to share my charts/analysis with you let me know and I'd be more than happy!

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  6. Nice video! Just a question: Is it normal for something to start with an abc corrective move down from launch? If it can happen, is it then normal for an 12345 taking out the highs?

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