Internet Computer (ICP) Price Action & Charts

In today’s video, we’re going to be looking at Internet Computer News Today and the bullish price action that is currently taking place.

There are a lot of positive indicators and patterns present in the price action on Internet Computer could lead to some bullish price action. !
This is not financial or trading advice, do your own research.

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10 gedachten over “Internet Computer (ICP) Price Action & Charts”

  1. wrong bro! it will not dump from now.. retracement already done..

  2. you are not ready what it will come this week!!!!! get ready 10 USD this week! mark my word

  3. I believe the whole structure from the bottom to 6.27 could have been a single large wave 1 and the correction to 4.95 the wave 2. Now maybe only wave 1 of 3 complete! Up up and away!

  4. Bro I agree with just about all of your analysis! Great TA!

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